One try and you couldn't believe it
Head high and you got your first hit
Front page, now you got me reading
You say, that you like the feeling

But slow down, don't you see it coming?
It's too late now, do you hear them talking?
Talking 'bout what lies ahead

You came from the middle of nowhere,
Took it to the top to have it crumble apart
Hard pressed to be somebody out there
You were thinking maybe, you were thinking maybe tonight...
You were thinking maybe

You stayed, long enough to miss it,
Things change, so you'd best admit it, yeah
So strong and it keeps you going
So long now you'd best be moving on

You took the risks and made it, sacrifices paid it
It's the only way to get things off the ground
But life has kept on goin', there's fewer doors to open
One's greatest strength so often brings them down
(Don't let that be the thing that brings you down)

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    'The idea for this song came from a music seminar I attended in Toronto. While the seminar was titled something like 'Do you really want a record deal', the person giving the lecture tried to make an illustration using the phrase 'Music can be a bad mistress'... follow me. Basically, he was trying to emphasize how music is one of those things that you can pour your time, money and soul into and get nothing in return. For example, there's this one T-shirt I've seen that says, 'I don't have a car, a home, a girlfriend, or money, BUT, I'm in a band'. Granted, bands can be a lot of fun, but at the same time, I've seen a lot of people give up years to pursue a dream that never materializes. In the same way, I think a lot of people set their minds on things that are very unrealistic and get crushed when things don't pan out. Be careful here, I'm not saying don't dream big. I am saying, that oftentimes people have very specific talents that they could use to help people and make a difference and they get sidetracked with overly ambitious goals. Try to be realistic about your strengths and weaknesses and go where you think there's a calling.'' - Nathan Piché (Article One)
    berlie91on March 31, 2007   Link

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