Last December I met a girl
She took a likin' to me
Said she loved me
But she didn't know the meaning of the word

She imagined love to be grand
Me holdin' her hand and
Whisperin' sweet things and
Cooin' softly like a song bird

Then one mornin' she came to me
With a tear in her eye and a
Sigh on her breath Lord she said
"Hon I'm heavy with child"

I said "god damn girl can't you see
That I'm breakin'my back
Just tryin' to keep my head above water
And it's turnin' me wild"

Cinderella can't you see
Don't want your company
You better leave this mornin' leave today
Take your love and your child away

Rockin' chair on the front porch
I'm thinkin' about all the things that I did
As a young man
Now that I'm old

I remember her and the boy
Did he have all the toys and the joys
That a young man should have
Before he gets too old

Cinderella couldn't you see
Didn't want your company
Shoulda left that mornin' left that day
Took your love and your child away

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"Cinderella" as written by Larry Burnett

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    General CommentGood song, but disturbing lyrics to me. Selfish man reluctantly takes responsiblility of fatherhood and still regrets it when he is old.
    norderon August 30, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI always heard this song from a frightened young mans point of view. He doubts he will be able to provide for his girlfriend, he nicknamed Cinderella, and their child. He tries to get her to leave with a kind of plee for her to get out while she can. Kind of like releasing an animal back into the wild with a shoo shoo kind of gesture. Time passes and we find the old man sitting on the porch reminiscing with Cinderella sitting next to him. He realizing it all worked out fine for the family and understands Cinderella deserved more than he ever could ever give her. With a sence of understading and gatitude he turns to Cinderella to ask why she didn't run away from him when she had every reason to do so. Turns out Cinderella was the one that knew the meaning of the word LOVE all along and not the other way atound.
    roger10566on August 31, 2017   Link
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    General CommentO yeah i believe the lyric is "and he had all the joys and the toys that a young man should have before he gets too old"
    roger10566on August 31, 2017   Link
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    General CommentAccording to Larry Burnett, he wrote "Cinderella" when he was 16 when he had no wife, no girlfriend, and definitely no pregnant friend. But he had a lot of buddies who were in that situation and they provide the inspiration for the song. The meaning was simple... Guy gets girl pregnant, guy kicks girl out of his life. Years later, guy is now old guy, reminiscing about girl and the son he didn't know. The song is not about regrets or missed opportunities, simply about reflecting on the past. Personally, I LIKE Roger10566's interpretation of the song, and I wish it were the correct one. But, alas, it's not.
    Maxsdadon January 10, 2019   Link
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    General CommentI'm pretty sure the lyrics mean that the guy ended up keeping his woman and child, doing right by them, and they by him. The last verse is simply him reminiscing about his old state of mind, it's the part of him that never wanted kids, regretting the road not taken. But that doesn't mean he's unhappy or has regrets. He's happy with his choice, but is nostalgic about what might have been.

    I've been thinking about the lyrics ever since it was released in 1976, so I'm pretty sure on my take.
    doug114491on June 25, 2019   Link
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    General CommentThe line "Shoulda left that mornin' left that day" means he did NOT kick her outta his life. She didn't leave. He gave her the choice to leave, and when she opted not to use that choice, he didn't force her.
    doug114491on June 25, 2019   Link
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    General CommentHe buried her in the back yard.
    I did ask her to leave,but she chose to stay, oh well,stubborn girl, got to stay in a matter of speaking.
    lordnecronon August 01, 2020   Link

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