This is the sound
Big city underground
I just need to get some distance
To move around
Romantic girls don't listen
When they move around, right
They want to form a resistance
So they can save this town
Starlight, there's no way tonight
A storm is on its way
And our lives are gonna change
But maybe the daylight
Will make you feel safe
You won't feel so far away
I just want to know that you're okay

Hear that sound, they're comin' around
Hear that sound, they're comin' around
Yeah, that sound, they're comin' around
Yeah, that sound, they're comin' around
Yeah, that sound, they're comin' around

This is the thing
That all the people know
Electric hearts need connections
To help them grow
We protect young minds without direction
And then we take control
From the cynics that hide
Behind their keyboard stereos, so-o-o
Soft light, show me the way tonight
But I cannot pretend
That I would do it again
And you can long for the old days
Hold on to the old ways
But it's all about to end
You'll never feel anything again

Hey, there's gonna come a day
When your life will be okay
You're gonna find a way
And all we have is sight
It’s all comin' around tonight
You're gonna be all right
You're gonna feel all right


This is the time
When the airwaves come alive
And all future light is dyin'
Cut the power lines
When rebel fever is met with violence
We don't have much time
So do you still think change will come with silence
Well I wonder why
Yes I wonder why
Minds fear dreams defeated here
When the black clouds bring us back
We know we're under attack
For a thousand thoughts lost to sorrow
You won't feel this way tomorrow
You won't feel so bad when the stormy sky is clear
We're so in love with our tears

Now, on the wind that night
The ancient spirits fight for reflective life
Oh, we gotta let them know
A new voice is in control
We gotta help it flow

We are
Gonna lead the way
By correcting what we say
Gotta connect some way
We are
Ready for what they hide
Hit 'em straight between the eyes
Now they're hypnotized
Now they're hypnotized

Yeah, that sound, they're comin' around...

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