I love the silence I'm in
I think I dreamed this before
Some lives seem so incomplete
Some just keep coming back for more

Where did the time go?
I can't remember how it end
Don't even know who I am
A fading memory
A fading image redrawn
Can't wait for ever more

Where did the time go?
Remember things I never said
I've seen the faces before
I hope the future is dead
The dead keep asking for more

Where did the time go?

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"Kaif" as written by Alien Jourgensen Al Jourgensen

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    My InterpretationThe understanding of this music can only be possible by knowing the bases of spiritualism... here I go:

    "I love the silence I'm in" - that reflects the lack of any contact made by God or any other entity in our daily lives. No contact at all. Just silence...

    "I think I dreamed this before" - ultimately, life is a dream, where soul learns lessons in the direction of pure perfection, not only on this world, but in others too. So, we've been here before, we've dreamed this before...

    "Some lives seem so incomplete" - maybe refers to people that come on this life, seeking for something that never find... some sort of relief, or people that live a life totally disorganized, full of problems, not completed by hapiness

    "Some just keep coming back for more" - When you do not learn well on your life, You'll be coming back several times, untill you learn your lesson, and you follow the soul evolution

    "Where did the time go?" - In the spirit world, there is no space and time. It's a dimension even hard to visualize as a human... Time only exists in our mind

    "I can't remember how it end" - You cannot recall how you died before

    "Don't even know who I am" - Your real spirit do not forget the previous life, so your body is not actually your real : YOU. So in this body, you do not know who you really are.

    "A fading memory" - Although we do not completely recall our previous life experiences, we bring some faded memories: A terrible fear from water, for instance, unexplainable hate against something or somebody... this we bring with us from previous lives

    "A fading image redrawn" - when you do no evolve, you return and you have to experience the same situation again... So it's a picture that you might have seem, but you do not remember completely

    "Can't wait for ever more" - He is anxious, and express the impatience to see what comes next

    "Remember things I never said" - Again: in this life you might have not said things, but you've done before, in another life

    "I've seen the faces before" - pretty straightforward, You come back and deal with previous souls, previous unfinished situations

    "I hope the future is dead" - May he is not confortable with the situation he is passing through now, and the future that involves something from the present, he wishes to be dead, finished, and he can start a new story

    "The dead keep asking for more" - This future, that he wants to avoid keep asking for more, like the present was not fullfilled, and in the future, more and more efforts will be asked from you...

    That was my interpretation
    ivanaldoon November 27, 2015   Link

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