(Cheers) Well I'm left sitting here staring into a beer
shaking my head at the same ol' loathing and fear
Stranger in my own land, can't understand
How the very word Australian has been damned
I fucking hate myself, take 'Aussie' from my name
Erase this endless shame, forever casting blame
If you don't act the same will I destroy you?
Everyone looks the same beaten, black and blue
So I've had enough of these redneck pricks
When fact is the only real shit that sticks
Watch as I tear the very skin from my face
So none'll see my race, my deep disgrace
Your not even from here in the first place
And those that are you wanna further debase
Nup, no more, never again whether by fist or pen
I will defend, cos I'm at a loose end
The shattered remnants of Aussie dignity
I'm a skip, whitey, round-eye suprise me
By using your shrivelled brain to please explain
How the clever country just went down the drain
We rode the sheep's back now the sheep ride you
If this is how its gonna be don't call me 'true blue'
I denounce my ancestors, wounds still fester
If you say 'it aint so' I suggest ya' wake up


Wake up - this country needs a fucking shake up
Wake up - these cunts need a shake up (x4)

Talkback squawking hacks won't relax
Until Jones'y, Zemanek and Laws are all axed
77 percent of aussies are racist
And if you're here, I'll say it your faces
Rich redneck pricks still hold all the aces
So I'll buy ya a beer, with an arsenic chaser
Better off dead? is that what I've said?
Tempting to take for all the blood you've shed
No doubt your as bad as your dads and ya mums
Mainsteam media making me so fucking glum
Just anglo reality, intellectual cavities
Channel 9 fostering prejudiced mentalities
I won't be a casualty, just mention casually
That I can't stand for you shit-eating bullies
Preying on peeps without a mainstream voice
Most of you stay silent but I've got no choice


Well I've yelled my lungs out but to no avail
Well I've yelled my lungs out but to no avail
Well I've yelled my lungs out but to no fukin' avail
That you're a stranger yourself now thats the sting in the tail
Captain Cook was the very first queue jumper
It was immigrant labour that made Australia plumper
Enough is enough, whiteys go pack your stuff
Don't wanna live in England? That's fucking tough
I'm sick and tired of this redneck wonderland
Most've you stay silent and I can't understand
I just can't understand (understand)


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    General CommentThe whole song is a reaction to the populist right-wing attitude of intolerance towards non-white non-Christians prevalent in the English speaking world, particularly in the last decade.

    It is predominantly about the "Tampa" immigration incident in Australia (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…). 77% is the surveyed support for the Australian Government's action on this issue (Aus. Gov. refused to let the container ship Tampa dock at Christmas Island carrying 460 Afghani assylum seekers which the Aus Gov. encouraged the Tampa to pick up after the assylum seekers' boat sank).

    "Jones'y, Zemanek and Laws" are all right-wing radio "shock-jocks" in Australia who survive on fanning right-wing intolerance in Australia.
    gilgoomeshon May 30, 2006   Link
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    General CommentAbsolutely Love This Song!! So clever, so confronting, so political, so honest. A beat that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Typical of The Herd, this song is a song so catchy, a pleasure to listen to and so hard to get it off the stero.

    I have seen these guys live about 5 times and they have so many great songs but this is by far my favourite track. The most memorable was at The Pyramid Rock Festival NYE 2005. This was around the time of the Cronulla Race Riots. After addressing the huge crowd and calling for harmony, the boys delivered this song with such passion. Emotional.

    "Captain Cook was the very first queue jumper
    It was immigrant labour that made Australia plumper
    Enough is enough, whiteys go pack your stuff
    Don't wanna live in England? That's fucking tough" - Its no wonder this song caused outcry among conservative and intolerant parts of the community. But it worked - it got the message across. And it is time we 'woke up'.

    P.S. - How good is Aussie Hip Hop at the moment. The Herd, Hilltop Hoods, Tzu.....................
    The-Kernalon June 25, 2006   Link
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    General Commentdamn good song. someone needs to put up the lyrics to We Can't Hear You and Unpredictable, coz they both kick ass as well
    velvet teddy bearon September 19, 2006   Link
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    General CommentWell, firstly, in the line "and those that are, you wanna further debase?" I actually think the word is debate. This is about the way Australians have treated Aboriginies in the past and, unfortunately, present.

    "Captain Cook was the very first queue jumper" Queue jumper is a term used mostly by right-wingers to describe asylum seekers (even though most do not have "queues in their country). He's saying that we shouldn't be so angry, seeing as our country was discovered by a so-called queue jumper.

    "Channel 9 fostering prejudiced mentalities" Channel nine is known to be pretty right-wing, particularly 60 Minutes and whatever that current affairs one at 6.30 is called.

    "77 percent of aussies are racist" - Pretty much what gilgoomesh said.

    I love this song, and the talk back radio at the start has an awesome effect on the song.

    And I agree, they're awesome live. I saw them at Big Day Out and wow! For I Was Only 19, they got the guy who sang it first to come on stage and sing it too! And it was an awesome atmosphere cause we were in the boiler room and everyone is just moving and really getting into the songs.
    fizzle1on July 18, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthis is an AWESOME song!! its about the tampa incident, which i dunno about the other 23% of australia, but shocked me! how can ppl have such racist mentalities? so to me its both reassuring and admirable that the herd are standing up to the 77% of aust who dont seem to give a shit about the less fortunate. i love how the song begins with the commentary, and it has really clever lyrics too! such as: 'Captain Cook was the very first queue jumper
    It was immigrant labour that made Australia plumper'. unfortunately soo true... so much injustice... cheers to the 23%, i hope this song gets through to some of the others!
    danagirl001on July 30, 2007   Link
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    General CommentRacism. Deeply ingrained in what is a beautiful country. The one thing that shames me to call myself Australian. I hope we can learn
    MephistophelesFauston February 12, 2012   Link

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