In every revolution there´s a man with a vision / He agitates and incites to follow his vocation / He speaks the golden words turns us against the system / Into the stand we rise him and make a low bow / Chorus: / Time takes us all -makes me wonder thatwho ´ll need his call / Time takes us all -makes me wonder that- who´ll need his words / We all have to hail the man behind the pain /Soon he will take all the control becomes a mindless dictator / And we just can´t believe he was the One / Under the protection of his faithful indoctination / He dominates and rules and distorts the truth / Chorus: / We all have to hail the man behind the pain

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    Song FactThe first line is a nearly direct quote from Star Trek (the original series), season 2, episode 4, "Mirror, Mirror". I wonder if Kalmah intentionally referenced this episode. The wording is specific enough that it's hard to believe it was coincidence.

    In the Star Trek episode, several members of the Enterprise crew accidentally beam to an alternate dimension in which the Federation and the crew of the Enterprise are part of an evil despotic empire. When the crew is finally able to get back home, Kirk tries to convince evil alternate-dimension Spock to stop being evil and to take down the empire from the inside. He appeals to evil Spock's logic, arguing that it's impossible for the empire to last and it will inevitably be torn apart by revolution, and beseeches evil Spock to start that revolution. Kirk's parting words to evil Spock are, "In every revolution, there's one man with a vision!"……

    I love this song. I'm a metalhead and a Star Trek fan. I heard "Time Takes Us All" first, and I recognized it and was surprised when I heard that line coming from Kirk!
    HolesInSoulson September 03, 2016   Link
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    Link(s)Whoops the links I posted above appear broken due to formatting. Corrected links:

    Clip from Star Trek of quote used in Time Takes Us All:…

    Description of Star Trek episode with quote used in Time Takes Us All:…
    HolesInSoulson September 03, 2016   Link

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