20 some years is a long walk
even if it's not in a straight line
you see a lot of things in the distance
y'know what they say about great minds
you and I think about the same things
dream the same dreams play the same games
we started out in the same place,
believe it or not we've got the same names.
Everything happens for a good cause
whether it be victory or loss
and the road may turn into a runway
but you don't know what to do someday
trust me I've seen it all before
I've climbed to the tops of the tallest trees
to get away from the deep water
to find a touch of the smallest breeze
go find the girl with a low voice
who holds the world in her bare hands
you'll fall in love, you'll have no choice
once you are given a fair chance.
For the first time you will sleep well
take a deep breath, see the sun shine
hold on to her for dear life
and then watch the whole world unwind.
Ask her to show you some magic
and I guarantee that she'll say yes
tell her that "you've seen forever
and we will be together not a day less."
Just know until that time comes
and after you've crossed that first mile
that the hardest part is behind you
and all of the pain only worth while.

From storm clouds come angels
let pain give you pleasure
from dirt grows the flower
when faith can't be measured.

Lyrics submitted by ethanjhayward

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    General CommentWow. I was the first one to comment on this masterpiece? The lyrics themselves contain such deep and intimite thoughts. But essentially, I love the melody and percussion of this piece. It portrays the somber life struggles of the author in a sense of grievance and, most evidently in the progression of the song, hope. It floats, in a sense. It creates an atmosphere of sorrow, telling the life struggles of the author. The piece gives nice imagery: I especially like "I've climbed to the tops of the tallest trees /to get away from the deep water /to find a touch of the smallest breeze". Nice metaphor, applicable to life itself. I get the impression that there is hardship between the author and a girl throughout the song? And I'm still not sure of the significance of the line "believe it or not we've got the same names." Could somebody help me out? In conclusion, great portrait of art. I absolutely love the atmosphere this song creates in its entirety. I especially appreciate the last four lines; great advice. Absolute perfection! Caylin M.
    piano_manon July 12, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI sense that it can be seen in 3 different ways.

    First off, I thought of my friend the moment I sat down and listened to the lyrics. His girlfriend is moving away and I find it very tempting to have him to listen to it to ease the pain he may feel. We're very similar, thinking the same way and this song just really applied tot he situation.

    Secondly, I think he could be talking to himself. That would explain that they have the same name, think alike, and how he even knows that this other person is in trouble.

    Last, I think he may have encountered another person (like in another town) that lives the way he did when he was younger, and feels the need to tell this person how he got through it successfully and happily.

    I agree the harmonics and beat are amazing. This is very well put together.
    FireEatingNinjaon November 30, 2006   Link
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    General Commentby the same names. i heavily doubt his speaking literal. more like. he have the same name of Sorrow, or possible Hope. my friends and i can have the same names as in, we have the same common goal and beliefs. so by the same name. i bet hes speaking of there name being one of Hope. not like. hey we have the same name of Josh or anyting.
    CoryChaboton March 16, 2007   Link
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    General CommentNo i think it can be taken literally. The name of the song is Phil so maybe he's talking about his brother.... Phil Terfry?..

    Its a generally comforting song isn't it.
    and pretty sure it goes...

    "20 something years- that's a long walk
    even if it's night, [and] in a straight line."

    ...as if, because it was night, the length of the walk wasn't as obvious. Either way, it seems as though whoever he's trying to comfort has had a rough time.
    10203040on June 08, 2012   Link

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