Hold on slow down again from the top now and tell me everything
I know I've been gone for what seems like forever
But I'm here now waiting
To convince you that I'm not a ghost or a stranger
But closer than you think
She said just go on
To what you pretend is your life
But please don't die on me

Wings won't take me
Heights don't faze me
So take a step
But don't look down
Take a step

Now I'm standing on the rooftop, ready to fall
I'm think I'm at the edge now but I could be wrong
I'm standing on a rooftop ready to fall

Perpetual motion, the image won't focus
A blur is all that's seen
But here in this moment like the eye of the storm
It all came clear to me
I found a shoulder to lean on
An infallible reason to live all by itself
I took one last look from the heights that I once loved
And then I ran like hell

Wings won't take me
Heights don't faze me
So take a step
But don't look down
Take a step

Now I'm standing on the rooftop ready to fall
I'm think I'm at the edge now but I could be wrong
I'm standing on the rooftop ready to fall

I count the times that I've been sorry
I know, I know
Now my compassion slowly drowns
I know, I know
If there's a time these walls could guard you
I know, I know
Then let that time be right now

Now I'm standing on the rooftop
Now I'm standing on the rooftop ready to fall
I'm standing on the rooftop ready to fall
I'm think I'm at the edge now but I could be wrong
I'm standing on the rooftop ready to fall

Now I'm standing on the rooftop (ready to fall)
Now I'm standing on the rooftop (ready to fall)
Now I'm standing on a rooftop (ready to fall)
Now I'm standing on a rooftop ready to fall

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"Ready to Fall" as written by Christopher Chasse Brandon Barnes

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    General CommentTo evilsheep - Zealotry not welcome, PETA is not gods gift to animals, and a dog being crushed in a garbage truck has never happend because of my craving for a steak.

    Its kind of depressing that this song is getting comments when so many of there good ones were ignored, thank you media. Anywho, its not a horrible song but I enjoyed the rest of the cd more. But on to meanings.

    I heard the song and I thought it was talking about living in a society that has many comforts not seen by other places in the world and how we tend to hold ourselves above them and never do anything to help. I pictured the "rooftop" as being a place where everyone looks down on the world and now this guy is relizing that something needs to be done, he looks around at his pedastool and relizes that its not the place that he used to love and now he is planning on doing what he feels is right and join the rest of the crowd.

    Now just replace society with animals and thats how I can match this up with the video.
    knockson September 17, 2006   Link
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    General Comment"really good song. i dont really like rise against but they arent bad, i really like this song though. uh, interesting video. they look cool playing on all that wood, looks like fun. "

    Okay I'm really sorry to do this, I hate criticising other people's opinions but this just made me angry, FallOutBoyGirl4Life. "LOOKS LIKE FUN"?!

    They are performing on a blasted, ravaged, bare landscape and you dare call that fun?! Don't you realise the incredible sadness of that image? Goodness sake.


    Okay to the song. Bearing the video in mind- which everyone shouldsee, regardless of how squeemish they are- I think it's about the bands frustration at what is currently happening in this planet. I can't direcly link much of the lyrics, but the chorus, "I think I'm at the edge now" just sounds as though the pressure and frustration has built up to breaking point.

    If you consider that Rise Against are a massively political band, and are all vegan and environmentally concious, I think it's a song trying to galvanise people into action and into doing something for the planet, for the animal population and for ourselves.

    The line "I count the times that I've been sorry"- I think that could be about people who like to think they are helping out but aren't doing much and so apologise, but still just keep doing what they do.

    Regarding the video, like I said you SHOULD DEFINATELY WATCH IT. It's shocking and contraversial, just the way Rise Against want it to be, but lordy it will make you think.
    fearon October 26, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthere were some mistakes, ive corrected what i can. sorry guys, i copied this from a different source and didnt realise there were mistakes.
    ThisismyUsernameon June 18, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThe only way I can connect it with it being about the environment are the lines "She said, 'just go on to what you
    Pretend is your life but
    Please don't die on me'"

    SHE could be Mother Earth, that's the only way I can connect the two. Pretend it's YOUR life, pretend you're the earth and that you're suffering through it so you can try and make it better. We're all one, no matter how you look at it, so we might as well do something to fix the planet we live on. Live like we ARE the planet, cuz so many people don't even though we basically are.
    mademoiseleon August 03, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think this song has a pretty vague meaning actually. It seems like anyone ho has tried something and then backed out at the last second...basically every single person can relate to this. I sure as hell can make up for anyone who cant.
    blackmyeyeson January 18, 2007   Link
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    General CommentEven if this song wasn't intended to relate to the music video, it seems that at least the music video was meant to relate to the song and I think it came out very effective in a few ways that stood out to me.

    “Now I'm standing on the rooftop ready to fall”

    I can't stress how such a great line this is, not just because it's the chorus and it sounds good, but because it's the perfect analogy to how we've seen ourselves in relation to the earth, standing on top of it, smug, domineering, controlling, destroying and “it's ok because it's just the earth”... and now, ready to fall, with the realization that we've taken it for granted and there's consequences ahead.

    “I know I've been gone for what seems like forever but I'm here now waiting, to convince you that I'm not a stranger but closer than you think”

    I get the feeling that this is the human voice speaking to the earth in an apologetic tone. He's waiting because he's forgotten how to be a real human, to warm back up to the earth again.

    “She said 'Just go on to what you pretend is your life but please don't die on me'”

    An extremely unconditionally loving response, not saying stop or begging for itself, but acceptance of our actions and even a plea not to die because of them... something you might only expect from a mother.

    “I found a shoulder to lean on An infallible reason to live all by itself I took one last look from
    The heights that I once loved And then I ran like hell”

    A shoulder to lean on, the loving earth... a reason to live, for life itself. Looking back at the heights as in being above it, like a cruel ruler, and running like hell from that life, rejecting it for how wrong it was...

    “I count the times that I've been sorry (I know, I know) While my compassion slowly drowns (I know, I know) If there's a time these walls could guard you (I know, I know) Then let that time be right now”

    The walls almost sound like fences around wildlife preserves which reminds me of a comic/poster by Daniel Quinn: spendmoneyonline.net/2008/11/19/the-fence-by-daniel-quinn/
    Pheurtonon January 13, 2009   Link
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    General Commenti watched both videos and i can't make the connection to the lyrics as a coinciding message. Even if i force it, only a handful of words make sense. Therefore, i think the song is just a catalyst to promote the video. i suspect that the video wasn't initially shot for the purposes of this song, but later edited to run with it after the song found success on the radio. i think both have a profound message, but are parallel themes. And i think that's great. it's a considerable side-step from industry pop standards in-that a band is doing something very unorthodox but still creating a buzz. We all expect a video to lend some meaning to the song and vice-versa, but i think Rise Against wanted to draw attention to a personal vendetta of theirs without promoting their music as political or activist. (cuz we all know, once a band is labeled “political” or “activist” their music loosing it’s meaning as art and is just seen as more propaganda to swallow. Just look at U2 or SOAD. There’s a very thin line between expressing and promoting yourself. Cross it and your career is pretty much hosed.) That being said i think Angelight pretty much worked the lyrics out right. Once you stop trying to force it, the lyrics are pretty palpable.
    littleDIRTYbirdyFEETon August 07, 2009   Link
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    Translationeady to fall, think I'm at the edge now but I could be wrong."

    "Fall" I think Refers to the "end" of our world as we have polluted it and killed it.
    And "standing on the roof tops" suggests its getting to a really bad point I.e the height of it.
    "I think I'm at the edge now but I could be wrong" suggest they we don't know when "the fall" will happen.
    day-dre@meron May 18, 2015   Link
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    General Comment

    I do understand that the song sounds like it has to do with nature and earth and to be honest I am kinda half and half for that and what I constantly take it for. Also keep in mind that not many of their videos as far as I've seen go completely with the songs. Also that just because most of their songs are more activist and all doesn't mean that every song has to. I mean Tim McIlrath was bullied in school because his eyes were different colors so maybe he did something to do with that which leads me to my interpretation.

    It seems to me like somebody has totally lost all control of their life and another person who they once knew but has literally been gone for years is showing up. They try to convince the person that they are still who that person used to know and can see that the person is unhappy. But they know that this isn't what the person's life is truly like but they also know that they obviously can't help any more than they have tried already so they begin to just go back away.

    Then we hit the second verse where he begins noticing what their life is really like and somehow finds their way back to that person trying to help them and found in them a shoulder to lean on and a reason to live all by itself. When it says "I took one last look from, the heights that I once loved, and then I ran like hell." It's not that they loved being there but they were there many times before, but they knew that they had everything now and left these heights hopefully forever.

    As for the third verse it's the person recollecting on all of the reasons why they were up on the rooftops at all but the person is still there for them and is, as to say "putting up walls" to try and protect them.

    As for the refrain I think it's that the person knows where they are but at the same time they don't because as I stated they've lost all control but the odd part is why it's repeated. Which is why I also tend to like the environment idea but hey I can have multiple opinions.
    viaxsn1p3ron March 24, 2016   Link
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    General Commentya the chorus is a little bit disappointing, but i still think it's alright. can't wait till the album comes out. this just a guess, but i think it's talking about what it's like to be a soldier in Iraq. the first part is saying that the soldier is sorry for leaving and doesn't know if his family will forgive him, and the second verse seems pretty self explanatory of how it ties into the first part.
    Lightning.Jon June 17, 2006   Link

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