Standing on the corner, he's begging for your change
You're looking at him sadly but is he so strange?
What would you do if he walked up?
Would you take a dollar and put it in his cup?

He is still a man, he's had some bad luck
Why is he there? Do you give a fuck?
Why do you hate? You talk down to him
You motherfuckers, you never even knew him

Do you wanna change?
I wanna change

You talk about giving but all you do is take
You say that you're real but we know that you're fake
What about you, what would you say
If you asked me for help and I just walked away?

What makes you different than the man on the street?
We all need food, we all need to eat
The truth of the matter is we're all the same
If one gives up we're all to blame

Do you wanna change?
I wanna change

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    General CommentObviously a song about giving change to hobos. I respect that. I can't say I always give people change on the street, there are still junkies out there. I just talk to them occasionally and get to know them... I've met some very friendly homeless people who aren't even homeless by choice, but because of injuries and job loss. Kids are kicked out of their parents' homes for petty reasons. Sometimes, fortunes are lost or sometimes even stolen due to something that went wrong. My own mother used to have a bunch of squeegie kids (people who wash car windows on street corners with those window washers you see at gas stations), and a few really good friends of mine trash talk them when they don't even know them!!! These guys are like brothers to me.. and almost all of them have gotten off the streets! So people, when someone asks you for change on the street, don't just walk past them without even glancing at them. Inspect them, do they look like bad people? Do they look strung out? Do they look like they're gonna spend all that change you give them on crack? If not, then throw them that extra $1 in your pocket. Help them out. Hobos with children are a bonus, hook them up LARGE. Your generosity will pay off one day...
    victoryguy11on August 18, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis has to be one of the best fucking songs ever made. Not many people may know about this band, so if you havent heard any of their stuff, look some of it up. This shit is alot like older rancid and the singer sounds almost identical to Tim.

    Im an asshole,
    StillNotDeadon April 11, 2007   Link

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