Oh-oh, I'm with Stupid
Oh-oh, I'm with Stupid

See you on the TV
Call you every day
Fly across the ocean
Just to let you get your way
No one understands me
Where I'm coming from
Why would I be with someone
who's obviously so dumb?
Love comes
Love grows
every time you rise to meet me
take my hand to greet me
Love comes
Love grows
and power can give a man
much more than anybody knows

[Chorus: x2]

Before we ever met
I thought like everybody did
you were just a moron
a billion-dollar kid
You flew up all the way
like a hawk chasing a dove
I never thought that I would be
a sacrifice in love
It comes
It grows
and now we're tied together
everybody knows

[Chorus: x2]

Is stupid really stupid
or a different kind of smart?
Do we really have a relationship
so special in your heart?

I have to ask myself
like any lover might:
Have you made a fool of me?
Are you not Mr. Right?
You grin
I pose
It's not about sincerity
Everybody knows

[Chorus: x2]

Is stupid really stupid
or a different kind of smart?
That's how you stole my heart
I'm with Stupid

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I'm with Stupid Lyrics as written by Neil Tennant Chris Lowe

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    General CommentSinger, Neil Tennant says; "It's … a satire about the relationship between [Tony] Blair and [George] Bush from Blair's point of view".

    It’s easy to label someone stupid with perfectly clear hindsight

    “Oh that was stupid, I wouldn’t have done that!”

    Well, of course you wouldn’t – now that you know what happened!

    It’s easy to disparage leaders – not only Bush, but any leader! But we only have the right to do so if we can genuinely, honestly say that we were opposed to their direction at the outset. If we’ve changed sides since the whole thing went bad, that would be hypocrisy, in which case the smartest thing you can do, is bite your tongue.
    brothersteveon May 18, 2006   Link
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    General Commentwow i didn't think of that, nice vid 2
    marco2poloon August 20, 2007   Link
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    My InterpretationEven before I read the song meaning by Neil I pretty much guessed it was about the USA. I tend to agree with this song. I didn't know it's exact meaning was that between Blair and Bush but for some reason it resonated with me. I can relate to this song as I find I have the same love/hate thing with my fellow Americans. I never felt like an American in my heart or at least not my interpretation of what it's "scientifically" like to be an American opposed to the "Cognitive Dissonance" vision most Americans hold of themselves. I've often felt like "I'm with stupid". However, one line in the song "Is stupid really stupid or a different kind of smart". To me, means that all the times I got hurt, was manipulated by Americans with ulterior motives and selfish desires they were very cunning. Even though I found them to be very dumb and ignorant for doing so they obviously had the cranial capacity for calculating great deceit. Though most the smart one's seemed to be able to memorize a dictionary or other book cover to cover and regurgitate every last word HOWEVER they seem to lack the cranial ability to comprehend what they memorized. Very smart people who use knowledge like a sward to cut others day or get what they want from other people. The line "is stupid really stupid or a different kind of smart" to me struck the nail on the head to how I feel about a lot of other Americans. Though a lot of them statistically speaking are very uneducated. As an "Independent" I am scared, mortified, and yet very much tied to my countries polarized Democrat and Republican parties but feel they don't really care about us citizens, nor do I feel they actually care about other countries. I can't trust them. Also to tell you the truth in my personal life I can't love another American because I've been hurt too many times. I could never have a serious relationship with another American. It's a rather perplexing country. It's a place were great inventions were made and yet used in very ignorant ways. A scary place.
    DavidWolfon December 06, 2011   Link

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