on the way home from the party,
neither one of us said a word.
leann rimes on the car stereo
sang that song you know I hate.
the one about the blackbird
and the rain came down on the windshield-
i wished it would wash us both away.
you had to open up your mouth, didn't you?
i knew what you were gonna say.
and you were Bluebeard, Bluebeard's wife
opening every cupboard, trying to find the smoking gun.
well i told you i told you,
i told you not to open that one.

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    General CommentBluebeard is a folktale written (though I'm not sure if it originates here) by the 17th century author Charles Perrault. Bluebeard is a filthy and feared man who a young woman is forced to marry. When he leaves the country, she leaves his keys and tells her not to open one room. When she does, she discovers his many former wives hanging from hooks on the walls in a room full of blood. She is unable to wash the blood off, and her disobedience is discovered. She would be killed by him, but for the intervention of her brothers and instead inherits his fortune.

    The interpretation I imagine here is a very, very angry person. Being probed and tested for by a significant other attempting to infuriate him, and afraid of his own anger, that he might snap.
    Eccentricityon October 20, 2010   Link
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    General Commentso, i think basically they both know in their minds that the relationship or whatever is burned out. but he doesnt want to say anything. he doesnt want to bring it up, or argure. but she does, she opens her mouth and brings it out into the open. and he is upset about it
    southamericaon July 29, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI can't seem to find a reference to a LeAnn Rimes song that mentions a blackbird. The only thing I can think of is she must have covered the Beatles "Blackbird" song, but I can't find any evidence to substantiate that. All I can find is a 2011 tweet of her saying that she heard that song and she loved it..
    cbinghamon January 25, 2018   Link
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    General CommentI think we have to look at the line "you were bluebeard, bluebeard's wife" to really understand the gist of this song. The narrator mentions a party that the couple is coming home from. They are silent and it's not a good silence. The narrator is obviously not wanting to talk about something(possibly that was brought up at the party) and they are wishing to be "washed away" Pretty extreme. And then the other person starts doing something that the narrator hates. Which shows a disregard for the narrators feelings.
    So Bluebeard was the bad guy in the fable and Bluebeard's wife while a victim was also a transgressor having broken her word about not looking into the locked room.
    So the narrator is in one breath acknowledging that the other person in the car is a victim but also implying that they are also the villain.
    Kind of reminds me of when you've asked your SO not to bring up a painful topic and they keep poking at the subject anyway. And maybe you should talk about it but you don't want to and they won't respect that. That's the idea that I get from this song.
    katrina2huon March 20, 2018   Link

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