"Shape Vs. Buckethead" as written by William Bootsy Collins, Steve Freeman and Brian Carroll....

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    General CommentWhat a fucking moron. Posting "Instrumental" like an asshole. Fuck you, you piece of shit. Here's my take on the lyrics:

    (Michael Myers)
    Hahahaha Did I hear you say “is life worth living?”
    Hahahaha ohhhh…I think that depends on the [inaudible]

    (High pitched Bootsy)
    Who me? I’m not afraid to die.
    I just don’t want to show up when it happens, baby.

    Now there…Shoot him down…Buckethead

    Uh well uh well uh
    If you can’t take the heat,
    Then you better burn up the kitchen, bobble.

    (Michael Myers)
    Is life worth living? Hahahaha
    That depends on the [inaudible]

    He’s comin’ to get you, Michael. Michael Myers
    You were the one after Buckethead but he’s after you.
    Crazy man in a crazy world.
    You runnin’ from Buckethead. Blaaaghh!!!

    (Michael Myers)
    Well I’m just gonna speak my mind
    Because I have nothing to lose…Hahaha
    But my mind.

    (Hich pitched Bootsy)
    I’m not afraid to die
    I’m not afraid to die
    I’m not afraid to die

    I just don’t want to be there when it happens, baby.
    Yeah…Come on Michael..yeah
    Bucket’s got something for you.
    Shoot him down, bobble.
    Yeah, shoot him before he runs now
    Yeah, shoot him down, Bucket,
    Before he runs.

    Is this life worth living?
    I think I’ve given all I can give in
    Is this life worth living?
    I believe I’ve given all I can give in
    Yeah baby, I’m tired of runnin’

    (Michael Myers)

    Think I’m scared?
    Yeah, well think again.

    Runnin’ scared
    Want him dead, dead, already dead
    This is the story of Michael Myers and Buckethead.
    Yeah use your guitar to do the story today, man
    Buckethead, Buckethead
    Kill ‘em all
    Kill him up here
    But he’s already dead
    So whatcha gonna do, do, you gonna do, oh
    So Buckethead

    So Bucket hears that truck
    Pulls out his weapon
    He aims for the truck
    But he didn’t hit nothin’
    [Inaudible] get in a rumble
    He can’t tell who’s who
    [Inaudible] start to crumble
    I heard a holler, a scream
    And bones being broke

    (Michael Myers)
    Yeah, life is what’s happening
    While you’re making other plans
    Is life worth living?

    (High pitched Bootsy)
    Is life worth living?

    I’m just gonna speak my mind
    I think it’s just about time
    I just want to speak my mind
    Yeah, I think we’re right on time
    So you better watch out, uh, Mr. Myers
    Bucket’s getting angry
    Yeah, He’s comin’ outta coop
    He’s comin’ outta the coop
    He’s blinded, he’s going cuckoo
    Watch out…Hey

    (Michael Meyers)
    Is life worth living? Hahahaha

    (High pitched Bootsy)
    Yeah, cause Buckethead’s the life of the [inaudible]

    Oh my God
    I can’t tell who’s who
    Um, yeah, they both got white faces
    I don’t know what to do
    I’m not used to this kind of situation
    Uh, Bucket, can you help me out?
    Yeah, I need a little navigation, baby.

    (Different voice)
    I’m so happy

    Yeah, me too, baby

    (Michael Myers)
    Yeah but for the first time
    Life is worth living
    I’m happy
    Come here, Bucket
    I think I want to learn how to play guitar
    I think I love you.
    SoggyJohnsonon July 21, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI messed up. Instead of "he's blinded, he's going cuckoo", it should be "he's flying the coop, he's going cuckoo". I still can't tell what the inaudible lines are.
    SoggyJohnsonon July 25, 2009   Link

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