(Leaf blower in the background)

Siamese, Portuguese, dirty knees
Look at these
Rookies around us
Aren't you glad you found us?

Now if you are who you say you are
Get up here to the bar
We'll plot out a plan
To take down the man

We'll start with that new future super star
And steal all their decorative rocks
We'll fight all their rent-a-cops

And for the freeway maintainers
Who assist our escape
We got sandwiches, juice
And cold Gatorade

We'll expose all the bicyclists
Who really are
DUI students who can't drive their cars

And we'll take stucco dust
And wet dry wall sludge
Combine 'em just right
To make fuck the valley fudge

Applebee's, Chuckie Cheese, dirty deeds
Don't you see?
Fuck the valley fudge
It's my hate and my love

Nepalese, anti-freeze, calories
Can't you see?
Fuck the valley fudge
It's my hate and my love

Fuck the valley fudge
It's my hate and my love

Fuck the valley fudge
My hate
My love

Fuck the valley fudge

Fuck the valley


(Leaf blower in the background)

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    General CommentFirst, a lyric correction:
    "We'll start with that new future super star" is actually "superstore" not super star.

    Now, the meaning:
    Jason Lytle hates Modesto, CA - the bands hometown. He wanted to leave for a long time, and wrote a lot of songs inspired by his general hatred/desdain for the town. Valley Fudge refers to the ignorance of the city. Fudge is a metaphor for the people and lifestyle they lead. Most of them being wal-mart dwelling ignorant fatsos that are brainwashed by television. The song is about tearing the city apart, and "fuck the man" that represents the shittyness of the valley of Modesto.
    Neroluson December 23, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI don't think I'll ever understand this song,

    good tune though :)
    Vidion February 04, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI've always thought of Fuck the valley fudge was a hard drug, jason lytle or somebody else was abusing. (It's my hate and my love). Talking about mixing stucco dust and drywall sludge to get high. and stealing stuff to get money for drugs.
    JScairnVon July 07, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI always thought of it as he had a love-hate relationship with either creating or destroying housing projects, as they are made of drywall and stucco. Although drywall should be dry and stucco should be wet, which is what makes me think it's about destroying them. But I dunno. I'm certain some of it is just there to sound good, like a Bob Dylan song.
    Stephen57on October 07, 2010   Link

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