Run run run
Would you wear that black liner baby
Run run run
Would you wear that black liner baby
Run run run
Would you wear that black liner baby
Run run run run run run

I read your every entry
I read your secrets and didn't sleep
They say you'll never let me see your face
Wish me luck then laugh at the sad case
My friend is on the phone
Whine and crash
You can stay at my place
And dream sleep maybe
And anime
With perfect lacerations
He don't wanna see
Its becoming a fixation
She never leaves her home
But she's real sweet
Got her own style
Leaves the windows real wide
Crosses her fingers after so many years
Mascara runs through the tracks of her tears

Run run run (but still its nice to wish)
Would you wear that black liner baby
Run run run (hope he understands)
Would you wear that black liner baby
Run run run (this could never be)
Would you wear that black liner baby
Run run run run run run (still he's making plans)

I caught a death when I signed on
I saw your pictures and couldn't eat
I swear that you were sent here just to tease
And you smile back in between Astrix
My heart is on my sleeve when I write you
These ends they lead to dead
Surely they excite you
Or did you know
Is it your typing blindly
Choose a public place
Darling won't you let me pine thee
He leaves cats eyes after palms
So she knows who is speaking

when she's reading it alone
She waited eagerly but will she embrace
In bloodied hands, her new lovers face

Run run run (but still its nice to wish)
Would you wear that black liner baby
Run run run (hope he understands)
Would you wear that black liner baby
Run run run (this could never be)
Would you wear that black liner baby
Run run run run run run (still he's making plans)

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"Black Liner Run" as written by Warfield Bravin

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Black Liner Run song meanings
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    General Commentthis song is about a man that obsesses over someone he only knows online. he has read her blogs, her secrets... he has seen her pictures. but he has never actually met her. his friends don't think she would even agree to meet him in real life. they're laughing at his situation, and he realizes it.

    several references to chat or instant message style non-verbal communication, such as smiling between asterisks (*smiles*) and leaving cats eyes after the poems he sends to her (=^..^=) reinforce the idea that this relationship exists only on the internet.

    he would clearly like to know his obsession in real life as well as online. probably in response to his friends' opinion that she wouldn't ever consent to meet outside of the internet, he begs her to choose a public place to meet.

    she spends most of her time inside (most likely on the computer). it's probably been a while since she's had someone to love. her crying leaves mascara streaks down her cheeks. she's not sure this will work out either. but she crosses her fingers and hopes.

    she realizes that this can never be, but she likes to wish.

    but he doesn't understand... he thinks it's going to work out so he's making plans.
    bobthecowon August 16, 2006   Link
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    General CommentJustin Played that song in chicago a month ago and claimed it to be the first She Wants Revenge Song!
    lady_ademaon May 24, 2006   Link
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    General CommentFirst off, "run" as in run away from the rest of the world. Only the two love birds. Black liner? Well, I guess he just likes it when his "baby" wears it. Obviously, he is obsessed over this girl he met on the internet. I mean, read her every entry? He must of been devoted to her. He knows her secrets, meaning her knows her very well. He always has her on his mind and so he can't sleep. However, his friends don't believe in this online relationship. They think she'll never meet with him in real life. They think she doesn't trust him enough for that. They wished him luck and mocked him. Such a sad case indeed. "My friend is on the phone. Whining crash lights. Says you can stay at mine. Pleasant dreams sleep night light" don't know 'bout that. "An anime with perfect lacerations" meaning... she role plays. "He don’t wanna see. It’s becoming a fixation" it's getting out of hand and he knows it. "She never leaves her home but she’s real sweet" she's a nerd and has no life... but she's nice. Only stays home on the computer. "Got her own style" she... unique. "Leaves the windows real wide. Crosses her fingers after so many years. Mascara runs through the tracks of her tears" she possibly expects her soul mate to fall from the sky -- or rather her window -- and sweep her off her feet. She's hoping for him to show real badly. It's been years since she's dated. She's so desperate (or lonely) , she cries. "Still it’s nice to wish" having dreams is what makes life tolerable! "If he understands" she hopes he understands that they can never meet... he might, after all, turn out to be an online predator and end up raping her. So she hopes he understands that she has to take certain precautions as a woman. "This could never be" do I have to say it? IT COULD NEVER BE!!! "Still he’s making plans" he just won't give up. "I caught a death when I signed on" his heart skipped a beat when he saw she was online. "I saw your pictures and couldn’t eat" he was overwhelmed by how beautiful she was in real life. "I swear you were sent here just to tease" he wants her so bad but she just won't agree to meeting him and... it really hurts him. "And you smiled back in between asterisks" Ex: *smile* . Again with the role play. "My heart is on my sleeve when I write you" he writes very passionate messages to her. He spills all of his emotions. "Surely they excite you" stated quite bluntly. "Choose a public place darling. Won’t you let me find thee" knowing her fear, he tries to convince her to at least meet him in a public place if that's the case. "He leaves cats eyes after poems" cat eyes= ^^ . "She’s waited eagerly but will she embrace. In bloodied hands. Her new lovers face" don't quite comprehend what that means. ごめんなさい! P.S.: It is "find thee" not "pine thee".
    RachaelLessThanThreeSWRon February 03, 2011   Link
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    General CommentSo wait, why does he mention anime? Is he a fan? Or is he using the real French meaning of the word "Animation" in general?
    DeusFNLon May 09, 2006   Link
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    General CommentWho cares? Black eye liner! ^_^
    angilwingzon May 13, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI saw them at coachella and they did say this was the first song they wrote together.

    as for the song meaning my take is
    its about a girl on the net. He reads her blogs, emails, and messages stuff like that. He tells his friends about her and how hes fallen for her but they all laugh at him and say its not real or going to happen
    she doesnt get out much she. shes been alone for a long time and sheads tears.
    "I caught a death when i signed on" not sure maybe she killed herself. they want to meet echother for the first time. not really sure if its a love thing or just a massacism thing but its a good song. just one take on the song
    pyroburner69on June 09, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think this is a song about a guy who is obssesed with someone he cant have, kinda of a deep dark song. and oh the lyrics above "is it your typing blindly
    choose a public place
    darling wont you let me pine thee"

    I think it's

    is it your typing blindly
    choose a public place
    darling wont you let me find thee
    rydog1130on June 16, 2006   Link
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    General Commenthe caught a death when he signed on...

    have you ever been crushing on someone and you know their screen name and when you go online you see their name and you get all retarded.

    you catch a death. and if he is retardedly in love with this girl he is gonna trip when he sees she is online.

    its hard to be the first one to im the other person.

    i dont think its finished either. they are still making plans. must be waiting for something to be safe.
    smallmetalbucketon December 14, 2006   Link
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    General Comment"leaves the windows real wide"???????
    allstrangerson January 06, 2007   Link
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    General Commentalthough i agree with all the other stuff said about the song. i also think the repitition of the word 'run' needs to be considered. he's pleading with her to meet with him in a way that suggest perhaps she is entrapped. perhaps not so in a literal manner but rather there is something with holding their meeting.
    "leaves the windows real wide" perhaps suggests she too wishes to be freed from this obstacle, that she is also searching for the freedom meeting him will provide.
    further more this is supported by how she "eagerly awaits" obviously this is not a one sided obsession.. yet the "bloodied hands"once again suggests there is some obstacle or dark intrusion to there meeting.
    and thus this is confirmed by the conclusion in which it is stated "this could never be."
    without dragging too many conclusions from the song it's overall meaning to me is something of an obsession formed over the internet in this girl who equally feels the same, yet she is trapped inside some mental barrier, perhaps depression that does not allow their love to ever exist. this in a way supports the suicide theory but suggests he is pleading with her to leave or "run" from it to the love he can provide..
    sleekkillson January 17, 2007   Link

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