"Let's Pretend" as written by and Luke A Moellman Jonathan Max Sandler....
From the first hidden image
To the time i was gone
All the songs that i hated
But pretended to love
As you spun your cocoon to alter me

You found my love devoid of feeling
And you forced the wounds
To force the healing
And you confused christ and science fiction

Let's pretend love again
And you would die
Without a light to lead you
I can breathe you
I just wish i could teach you to love

From the escapades that began with glass
Breath stopping short, hearts beating fast
And my insides would eat the rest

My face was a stage where you put on your play
Sabatoging my style and mocking my ways
And you confused love and your obsession
But it helped

On the sunshine mornings when you'd drive me to school
With my dead form
Forcing a smile to look alive
I'd stumble through hallways
Glance as i passed you
And we'd keep the secret between our eyes
I want to go back to those days
Some nights i hate you
Sometimes i crave

You and me were okay
You and me were so great

Save me, just save me
Sometimes i still wonder how it would be

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