"El Borrego" as written by and Ruben Isaac/del Real Diaz Albarran Ortega....
Soy anarquista, soy neo-nazista
Soy un esquinjed y soy ecologista
Soy peronista, soy terrosrista, capitalista
Y también soy pacifista

Soy activista, sindicalista, soy agresivo, y muy alternativo
Soy deportista, del rotarac, politeísta
Y también soy buen cristiano

Y en las tocadas la neta es el eslam
Pero en mi casa si le meto al tropical

Me gusta el jevimetal, me gusta el jarcor
Me gusta patric miler y también me gusta el gronch
Me gusta la maldita me gusta la lupita
Y escucho a los magneto cuando esta mi noviecita

Me gusta andar de negro con los labios pintados
Pero guapo en la oficina siempre ando bien trajeado
Me gusta aventar piedras, me gusta recojerlas
Me gusta pintar bardas y después ir a lavarlas

Y en las tocadas la neta es el eslam
Pero en mi casa si le meto al tropical

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"El Borrego" as written by Enrique Rangel Arroyo Emmanuel Del Real Diaz

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    General CommentThis album (Re) is awesome, totally diverse album.. eventhough I can't understand half of what they're saying. The solo in this is pretty cool!
    Lateralus518on September 28, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about trendy people who act hardcore to fit in.

    "I'm an anarchist, I'm neonazist
    I'm skinhead and ecologist
    I'm peronist, terrorist, capitalist
    and also pacifist.

    I'm an activist, part of an union,
    I'm agressive and very alternative,
    I play sports, from Rotarac
    Politeist and also a good Christian.

    At the gigs slams are the way
    but at home I love to listen to tropical."
    Snipeon July 01, 2009   Link
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    TranslationHere's my English translation:

    "The Sheep"

    I'm an anarchist, I'm a neonazi.
    I'm a skinhead, and I'm an ecologist.
    I'm a peronist, I'm a terrorist, capitalist,
    and I'm also a pacifist.

    I'm an activist, syndicalist,
    I'm agressive and very alternative.
    I'm a sportsman, from Rotaract.
    Polytheistic and I'm also a good christian.

    And at the gigs, the slam rocks,
    but in my house I put on tropical.

    I like heavy metal, I like hardcore,
    I like Patrick Miller and I also like grunge.
    I like la Maldita, I like la Lupita,
    and I listen to Magneto when my girlfriend is around.

    I like being dressed in black with painted lips.
    But good-looking in the office I'm always in suit.
    I like throwing rocks, I like picking them up,
    I like paitining fences and then go back and wash them.

    And at the gigs, the slam rocks,
    but in my house I put on tropical.

    And at the gigs, the slam rocks,
    but in my house I put on tropical.
    Eliminationon August 28, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationIt should be clarified...

    La Maldita (short/nickname for La Maldita Vecindad, the full name being La Maldita Vecindad Y Los Hijos del Quntio Patio ["The Damned Neighborhood And The Sons of The Fifth Patio"]) is a famous rock/ska band from Mexico City.
    La Lupita is a band from Guadalajara, Mexico, that combines hard rock and latin music. Like Maldita Vecindad, they were famous in the 90s.
    Magneto were a pop boy-band, famous in the 80s and 90s.
    Not sure about Patrick Miller, but I think it's some sort of electronica played in raves in the 90s.
    Indeed, this album was released in 1994, so 90s references shouldn't be a surprise.

    The "slam" is what we call mosh pits in Mexico (and some other places of the hispanic world).
    "Tropical" refers to tropical music, which is a very wide term for various types of Latin music, which includes salsa, cumbia, reggae, reggaeton, and many more...
    Also, the bit about painting fences refers to graffiti, in case you didn't pick that up.
    Eliminationon August 28, 2010   Link

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