Dear someone listening in the shadows
I only talk to you sometimes
And though I ask for help in riddles
It is clearer in my mind, clearer in my mind

Born of a sign that carries water
But in a month that's cold as ice
I know I question things too quickly
But I have never questioned if I've loved

Dear someone watching from the shadows
See me clenching water in my fists
the drops, they slip right through my fingers
But there's water on my lips, water on my lips

Born of a sign that carries vessels
But in a month that brings just ice
I know I question things too quickly
But I've never wondered if I've loved

Dear someone watching from the shadows
You've seen me lose all the water from my hands
I'm not a skillful water carrier
But the raindrops keep falling on my head, falling on my head

Born of a sign that carries water
But in a month that brings just ice
I'm not a skillful water carrier
But I've learned to carry love,
learned to carry love...

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    General CommentI think most of you guys are missing the point. This song is absolutely beautiful an done of the most sorrowful songs I have ever heard.

    Yes, she is an Aquarius and is describing those traits, but more importantly she is expressing an incredibly strong sense of helplessness. In my opinion, she is most certainly talking to God/ a higher being, as someone before me mentioned. She is asking for God's help, and and she feels he isn't doing anything to help her. She has terrible luck in life and everything she does, she does wrong. No matter how hard she tries, she just can't get ahead. Life has dealt her a bad hand, in a sense... water which she cannot hold.

    At first, she is actually "clenching water in her fists", so she has the water, but then it "slips slips right through my fingers." Later on, she tells God, "you've seen me lose all the water from my hands" and pretty much is asking why he has done nothing to help her. Everything in her life has gone wrong, and he has done nothing to interfere. He has just sat back and watched.

    She references being as Aquarius, ( which is pure genius) "born of a sign that carries water, but in a month that brings just ice" she is saying she was doomed (in life) from the very start. She feels like she never had a chance to do right.

    Just my two sense. One of the *best* songs ever written, both lyrically and musically... for lack of a better word.
    she_isnton February 15, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationAstrology holds Aquarius to be one of the most paradoxical signs of the zodiac. Symbolized by a water bearer, it is actually an "air" sign; though known as a "masculine" sign, its symbol includes a chalice, a symbol for femininity. Attributes traditionally given to Aquarians are just as convoluted: social and outgoing but cold and unemotional, revolutionary and rebellious but stubborn and obstinate (suggesting a desire for the status quo), humanitarian and charitable but arrogant and self-centered. Aquarius is the romanized version of Ganymede, a young man Zeus fell in love with and made him the official water bearer of the gods.

    It is fitting that a song about the most self-contradicting astrological sign is filled with juxtapositions. The most poignant and powerful of these comes in the first line of the last stanza (presumably the chorus), "Born of a sign that carries water/ but in a month that brings just ice." This culminating line opens the chorus differently from three previous choruses. The first time, it's less metaphorical; the sign carries vessels not actually water and the month is cold as ice. The second time the line appears, the month is not just cold as ice, it physically brings JUST ice, but the water bearer still bears only vessels. The third time is the most metaphorical and personal, as we see that the sign carries water in a month that brings just ice.

    This progression is a bit meaningless without seeing the rest of the devices Spektor employs. The "Dear Someone" progresses from someone she only talks to in the first stanza, a one way relationship where the "DS" is merely "listening" from the shadows. The second time "DS" is invoked, he/she is now watching from the shadows, not just listening. Spektor's imagery now becomes more visual than auditory, going from talking or asking for help in riddles to "clenching water in fists" and "drops slip[ing] away from my fingers." The third time DS makes an appearance, we now know he/she is actively watching, as Spektor says,"you've seen me lose all the water from my hands."

    Spektor begins the song by being convoluted, and despite her assurances that "it is clearer in my mind," her use of similes and limited imagery reinforce the abstract. By the end of the song, she's more literal. She can't carry water. She doesn't question her love. Her syntax becomes much more direct, going from “the drops, they slipped right through my fingers” to admitting that “I'm not a skillful water carrier.”
    "Aquarius" is obviously a love song written to a "Dear Someone" who's identity is entirely unknown, as observe the speaker from "the shadows” and yet she knows when he/she's listening, watching, and they've seen before.

    What could this all mean? This is my take: this is a very intimate portrait of someone admitting the tragic flaw of not being able to accept DS' love. The speaker (Spektor, perhaps?) can love, that much she can admit. But remember, water bearers don't carry their own water, it's someone else's. The water is in fact a symbol for love, but for someone else, and her Aquarian attributes of being cold and unemotional mean she can only bear ice. This also explains why we know what the DS sees or hears, yet he's pushed to the fringes as an impersonal unknown.

    Thoughts? Sorry for the wall of text, But as an Aquarian, should I subscribe to the zodiac, it makes sense for me to maybe overanalyze. haha
    maldemeron January 21, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis song is amazing. I think Regina is singing to someone (someone watching from the shadows) who is not in her life anymore like an ex or a dead loved one. This person knew of her faults and failures, but this person also was a witness of her love.
    littlestkinneron November 23, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI've got a live version of this song in my iTunes library, and at one point she's very clearly crying. Her vibrato goes kind of hoarse, she says 'sorry' very quietly, and she sounds on the verge of tears for the rest of the song.
    Slaytonon April 18, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI love this song.
    I think all the references about the water are about the zodiac sign aquarius (like the title). "In a month that's cold as ice" and other lines similar to that are about the months january/february, which are very cold in most countries and thus it is not possible to carry the water because its frozen, so she questions the meaning of this or even the meaning of life? I don't know what the person in the shadows is all about, possibly someone she is imagining because she is alone? But i think the line " I only ask for help in riddles" is about the fact that the person in the song wants/needs help but can't express it like that, so she uses signs/riddles (like the people who want to commit suicide but kind of have the hope of beeing saved and express that in many signs). I also think this because many lines in the song refer to thoughts about beeing a failure or just beeing sad/depressed ("You've seen me lose all the water from my hands
    I'm not a skillful water carrier
    But the raindrops keep falling on my head, falling on my head"). I think the lines about carrying love are maybe about a love she once had, or she has (maybe the shadow person???)
    I could be totaly wrong about everything, maybe one of you can help?
    Rae123on July 09, 2006   Link
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    General CommentAt first I thought she was saying "oh, someone listening in the shadows," which sounded to me like she was so lonely that she was speaking to random strangers. But then I heard "dear someone in the shadows" and "I only talk to you sometimes/And though I ask for help in riddles/It is clearer in my mind, clearer in my mind" led me to believe that the person in the song is talking to God. (Also, I myself am an atheist, so no, I'm not just projecting. ;])
    just_old_lighton November 10, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti agree that it is god, tho i may be projecting as i myself am christian ;)
    humblestudenton December 28, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis song's gorgeous. I agree that Regina's talking to God or some sort of higher power. I don't know if it's that she's lonely, but maybe that she feels she's been failing to fulfill her purpose in life (carrying water) because she isn't sure of what that purpose is, or how she can fulfill it. The only thing she is sure of is that she can love herself and those close to her. I get the feeling this is one of Regina's songs where she hasn't put another character in place of herself, especially since she was born in February. Aquarius or not, anyone can connect with this song.. Beautiful.
    liberatepotatoeson January 29, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthis song really does describe many of the characteristics of the "aquarius".
    they tend to be very over analytical - "I know I
    question things too quickly"
    & therefore confuse themselves and those around them - "And though I ask for help in riddles"
    and so in the end, alot of times they can drive away the things they love away - "the drops, they slip right through my fingers"

    Aquariuses have also been known to be detached and uncaring and maybe that's why she talks of the "month that brings just ice".

    I am an Aquarius and can identify closely with some of the phrases.
    Love the song.
    ewrecktionon February 19, 2007   Link
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    General CommentDefinitely her talking to God.

    And her talking about how she knows how to keep friends and 'special others'... I know for a long time, I had to learn how to be friends with people... I just didn't know how, it didn't come naturally... Still learning, actually.

    Hey! I'm an Aquarius as well!!! Whoohoo!

    And apres-moi is right, it's Aquarii
    Dierdraon April 16, 2007   Link

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