I am up
To my neck
In the shit of mankind
What belongs to the world now
Belongs to the flies

Octophobic translations
And 8, by 8, the window
Withers farther from the soul
Your soul, in a ring, on a spoon
Humans clinging
Entrapment of shadows
The webs and the echoes
That pushpin the mildew
They don't have the courage
To know the things you do.

That little thing you kept inside
To be sure you'd always know
The man you know is never coming home
And it's sad to think
They'll never really know.

Translate the parting duo
That is a chemical reaction
And a widow
And weep, by tribes
And tongues
The universe has come so far
To only come undone?

Well this is the answer
You've been waiting for child
Transmissions cut to clearance
And the skin is wild

I hope you fucking choke on your own spit
The dialect, the derelict
This babel's past the limit
And I've carried off your cure
For far too

Perhaps it's time for you to suffer some (x8)

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Rosetta Stoned (Demo) song meanings
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    General CommentOk... anyone got a link to this one? I'd love to hear it.

    Looks like it might've been the version they created before they came up with the whole Lost Keys / Stoned-guy-in-a-hospital idea...

    There do seem to be a few themes in similarity though... judging by the lyrics. I guess looking at the general split and disorientated nature of mankind (seems to be a recurring theme in the 10,000 days album, looking at other songs like Vicarious and Right In Two)
    The persona in this song also seems to be revealing and expressing his feelings, kinda the same as the album version of this song where he is letting go of all he has to express from inside himself.

    I'd love to hear this.
    JoNNieS Kon December 15, 2008   Link
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    General CommentHell yeah i second JoNNieS K motion!!!!!!!!!!! anyone?!
    Obscureflectionon June 23, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI have not heard this, however after reading it, I see it more as what the e.t. Said to him on the dmt trip being talked about in the album version... He was told something but forgot his pen. It was a message to pass on to mankind through him. The message speaks of the earth belonging to the flies as in the human race will sease to exist. speaks of the non exisitance of god and that his followers will never know what they wasted their time falsely believing in.... The user has opened his "third eye" previously via other "trips" and has probably engaged in a search for his own existence and the existence of mankind and may be searching into the destiny of mankind. Plain and simple the e.t. Is telling him you are a cancer of the earth there is no hope, the things you falsely believe in will lead to your demise...
    kos311on March 01, 2011   Link

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