I was a ghost, before, you came
And I was a slave, but then, I changed
And I will take, the good, and bad, from many
I am a slave, to this, again
So leave me alone, before, the strain, of listening to you
Comes more, than you can bear
But maybe this time, we will, be fine
Unless, tomorrow
Will be, lost

I feel you calling me when when im alone
I feel you calling me its keeping me up
I wanna be with you now

There was a false, I swear, a thought to take me out
There was a chance, that we, could go, so far (the look in your eyes)
And know, you say, no one, no one, no more
Could better survive, in this life

I feel you calling me when when im alone
I feel you calling me its keeping me up
I wanna be with you now

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Ghost Lyrics as written by Ricky Ross

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    General CommentGreat song. Jes Brieden has an AMAZING voice. If you are a fan of trance, especially euphoric trance, you'll love this song.

    This one is hard for me to figure out. Could be about meeting someone you can't stop thinking about. Could be about losing someone close to you. Not quite sure.

    Here's what I kinda get from it:

    It makes me think of someone who felt empty. Then this one person who made them feel complete came along. Now that person has passed away, and the singer is planning on taking his/her own life to be with that person.

    Some lyrics with my interpretation:

    "I was a ghost before you came, I was a slave but then I changed"

    -I was empty, nothing, until I met you...

    "So leave me alone Before the strain Of listening to me Becomes more Than you can bear"

    -Now that this person is gone, the singer spends a lot of time telking to them (praying, ect..). He/she's asking the ghost to leave them alone so they can forget about them and move on, of else they will just continue talking to them

    "I feel you calling me when I am alone
    I feel you calling me it's keeping me up
    I wanna be with you now"

    -This person keeps hearing the one they lost talking to them

    I don't know, just seems that way to me. Great song though. If you like this one, you'll love "Motorcycle - As the Rush Comes (feat Jes Brieden)".
    NickQon June 03, 2006   Link
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    General CommentBeautiful song. This song was the song my gf and I listened to together when we first met. What is sad that it completely relates to our relationship. A week after we met, I had left on vacation overseas with my family for about 4 weeks. Being that we just met and fell in love, we both kept listening to this song over and over again. Before I met her, I did feel empty. When my gf came along, I thought I had the world.

    "I feel you calling me when I'm alone
    I feel you calling me
    It's keeping me up
    I wanna be with you now
    I feel you calling me when I'm alone
    Hot nights and moonlight it's keeping me up
    I gotta be with you now"

    We both felt like this when we were seperated. I still do now, when Im not with her. Whenever I listen to this song, it brings back all the memories of when we first met, and how sad I felt when I wasn't with her. I still do.
    coolme187on October 19, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti admit i have a hard time trying to figure out what this song means. I just take it on a personal for me. I had fallen in love with a guy and it ended badly and i tried to move on. But later on i found out i still had feelings for him.
    So as the song interperts to me that i'm having this push and pull affect with the feelings for him still. So in the song i feel like she's on the fence about her feelings for someone she use to be in love with.
    Aeonmikeyon March 14, 2008   Link

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