"She's A Lady" as written by Nick Banks, Jarvis Branson Cocker, Candida Doyle, Stephen Patrick Mackey and Russell Senior....
Are you trying to put me on?
I turned around and it was gone.
Did I leave it in your car?
On a table in a bar?
Or in your bed between the sheets?
The places where we used to meet.
Wherever love has gone I need to know.

'Cause she's a woman,
Oh yeah, she's a woman.
Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma she's a lady.
And I just love the way she moves,
The way she moves, Watch her.

When you left,
I didn't know how I was going to forget you.
I was hanging by a thread and then I met her.
Selling pictures of herself to German business men.
Well, that's all she wants to do.
Come on, come on.
I don't want to try too hard.
I don't want to wait too long.
I don't want to live alone,
With all this crap that pulls me down.
Oh, tell me now,
How would it feel,
If I could touch you once again.
Where have you gone, where have you gone.
The moon has gone down on the sun, Oh yeah.
I know that you're coming home.
You wouldn't leave me on my own.
Everybody can't you see,
She's coming back to me.

Whilst you were gone I got along.
I didn't die,
I carried on
I went drinking every night
Just so I could feel alright.
Stayed in bed all day to feel okay.
I felt okay.
Oh I felt sick and tired,
Yes I did.
She lived at her father's place,
Played his records though they jumped.
Wore her body back to front.
I tried hard to make it work,
Kissed her where she said it hurt
But I was always underneath.

She's a woman,
Oh yeah, she's a woman.
Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma she's a lady.
And I just love the way she moves,
The way she moves, Watch her.

I don't know why you pretend,
That it causes you pain,
When you know very well,
You're going to do it again.
You're going to do it again
And again
And again
But can you keep it going all night long?
I know it's going to happen.
It might not be today.
It might not be tomorrow,
Or even the day after,
But some time soon, you'll see,
You're going to come back to me.

Whilst you were gone I got along.
I didn't die,
I carried on
I went drinking every night
Just so I could feel alright.
Stayed in bed all day to feel okay.
I felt okay.

Whilst you were gone I got along.
I didn't die, I carried on.
Oh yeah I went with other women,
What else can I say?
I guess I kind of missed you,
Whilst you were away.
Whilst you were gone.

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"She's a Lady" as written by Jarvis Branson Cocker Candida Doyle

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    General CommentYay! The first to comment on my absolute favorite Pulp song!!!!
    The best of the best: the man's perspective crystalized and held up for examination!
    Is it just a coincidence that this song reminds me of I will survive, only from a male perspective.
    Instead of sitting around being melancholy he is out partying with loose women, and one day soon, you'll see, your gonna, come back to me!!!
    Such a sweet anthem, saved me from some pathetic break-up moments!
    xinnerxon August 17, 2006   Link
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    My InterpretationI adore this song, one of my favourite Pulp songs. I think it's far more complicated than it seems though, woman who is described seems unusual (at least to me) so I'm gonna try to explain my ideas about the woman

    "I met her, selling pictures of herself
    to german business men
    Well, that's all she wants to do"
    Why she would be selling photos of herself to "German businessmen" I'm not sure. The idea of this being "all she wants to do" is also interesting. Perhaps she's famous or in some way interesting to the "businessmen". Maybe she's conning the businessmen into buying worthless photographs and this line is just to show her ability to manipulate Perhaps she's a prostitute and the idea of her "selling pictures" is a euphemistic way of implying she's selling herself or selling sex. However Jarvis doesn't usually go for subtlety when talking about sex, it's possible the idea of "selling pictures of herself" is just to show her narcissism and belief that people would pay for pictures.

    She lived at her father's place
    played his records, though they jumped
    Wore her body back to front
    I have absolutely no clue what wearing her body "back to front" means. I think her playing her father's records may be to show some sort of hook onto music or belief that music is important. It may be just a personal meaning of a woman who used to play records who jumped. However the idea of playing "records" or old ways or playing music (why not CDs?) may show an air of nostalgia backed up by the idea that she plays them despite them being faulty. It also gives the impression of a woman with old records jumping, an idea of neglect or something almost scary. The idea of her being a bit out of touch and unusual is also reflected with her living with her father.

    The relationship itself seems to have fallen apart because she doesn't care about him as much as he does about her, although it's possible she's denying her feelings because she's afraid or enjoys using him.

    Does anyone else notice the whispered "stop" at the end?
    KinkyDoxon May 03, 2013   Link
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    General CommentWow, yes it does sound like I Will Survive. Gotta love the emotional intensity -the man's feelings seeming to drive events, and the song, forward.
    ShineYouDiamondon June 28, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI've gotta agree; This is the "I Will Survive" anthem! Quite a sexy one, too.

    I put it on in those moments when I wanna feel emotionally stronger again.
    Psychedeliaon March 03, 2008   Link
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    General CommentMan what I want to know is how he wrote this/memorized it all for the recording.

    Is this song performed live?

    Probably my favorite Pulp song atm
    helooksdafton November 19, 2011   Link
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    General CommentHis girlfriend left him and now he's going out drinking and sleeping around.
    He's miserable but pretending to be okay.
    The woman in verse 2 is one of those flings that he is claiming helped him move on (sounds like some kind of adult entertainer - selling nude photos of herself, just out to make money). Clearly he has not, because he keeps insisting his ex is going to come back to him.

    The title of "She's a Lady" is a contrast with the other women he's sleeping with now. He sees his ex as a lady - above these other women.

    I'm not sure who verse 4 refers to…. but I think it's the ex. He tried to make it work, but he was "always underneath", sexual innuendo, but more about her being in control. She had the upper hand in the relationship. I'm also not sure what "wore her body back to front" means. I'm thinking the whole verse is describing someone who was a bit of a mess emotionally.

    I think in verse 5 he's possibly talking to himself - it actually causes him pain to go out and get drunk and screw around, but he's going to keep doing it.
    voodoodollyon October 17, 2013   Link

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