"Twisted Little Star" as written by Magnus Hubert Twisleton Wykeha Fiennes and Bertine Zeitlitz....
I took your time
Like I've always been trying to
Trying to
Was out of mine
So easy for me to do
Yeah, to do

Just needed to be powerful and sweet
Just needed to make your world complete
Just needed more than you could give
I've got lots of fancy tricks
To make this last forever

Will you still remember
Twisted little star
Darker shining
Silently surrender
Twisted little smile
Twisted's gonna last a while

I made you weak
Like I know I am supposed to do
Yeah, to do
You never speak
'Cause you know I don't want you to
Yeah, you do

Just needed someone fresh to hold my hand
Just needed someone new to understand
Just needed a face to ease the flow
There must be a million ways
To make this last forever


Just needed every smile that you could give
Just needed every lie that you could give


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"Twisted Little Star" as written by Magnus Hubert Twisleton Wykeha Fiennes Bertine Zeitlitz

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Twisted Little Star song meanings
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    General CommentThis can be interpreted as both a sad song and a happy song.
    Fredrikon April 01, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI must say I don't exactly get this song, although I love it.

    Is Bertine singing about how the I wants to make the infatuation and the glamorous feeling to last with the you, although she kind of knows things are going to fall apart in the future?
    Zetroon June 03, 2007   Link
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    My InterpretationSo I've heard the meaning is completely different, but I'd like to share my interpretation.
    Maybe it's completely off, but I'll attempt to explain how in interoperate each line.

    I've always thought of this song as one about a woman abusing her boyfriend, who doesn't fight back, either because he's too nice and forgiving, or too lustful to break it off.

    The lyrics play out like a kind of villain monologue. The woman is gloating about how she managed to manipulate the man and make him submissive to her.

    That was the TL;DR version, if you want an analysis, here you go:

    'I took your time' - She made him spend all his time on her.
    'Like I've always been trying to' - She's been trying to take his time since they met, manipulating him into giving up on other activities.
    I'm not sure what 'was out of mine' means though. Any suggestions? I thought she said 'mind', but it does sound like 'mine'
    'So easy for me to do' - This and that she had this plan from the beginning may imply this isn't the first person she's done this to.

    'Powerful and sweet' - Playing innocent
    'Make your world complete' - euphemism for being great in bed
    'More than you could give' - Euphemism for him not being so good in bed
    'Fancy tricks to make this last forever' - This reinforces the theory that she's done this before and knows how to keep it going.

    'Will you still remember, twisted little star, dark and shining' - Might allude to how they met. Little star is something cute. This may be how she played it in the beginning, innocent and cute, with a 'twisted little smile'. Twisted of course implying there's something off about it; both the little smile and the little star.
    There's also a more literal interpretation, that she was/is a starlet at a club or something, and that they met there.
    Silently surrender - The man letting the woman influence him.

    I made you weak - I think this speaks for itself
    Like I know I'm supposed to do - May imply she feels this is how she thinks she is meant to act, or just that it's part of the process that she supposed to do for it to work.
    You never speak, cause you know I don't want you to - Again, speaks for itself within the context.

    'Someone new to hold my hand' - Once again reinforcing this isn't the first time she's done this. It could also mean she has a need for this kind of empowerment. We don't know if the last person saw through her eventually and broke it off, or if she got bored and found someone else.
    'Just needed someone new to understand' - this one is a little tricky. By her use of words and inflection, it's unlikely she wants someone to understand her. Quite the opposite really. It could mean she wanted someone new for her to understand; Learning what buttons to push with the current victim.
    'A face to ease the flow' - Most likely alluding to her own pretty face, making the right kind of man much easier to manipulate. It's possible she means his face, that she enjoys hooking up with new people. Both are valid, but inform the listener of different things.
    'A million ways to make this last forever' - She sounds exited and gleeful about this idea.

    'Every smile that you could give' - When he smiles it signals to her that he either:
    1: Is blindly accepting the way she treats him
    2: Knows he shouldn't let her treat him this way but can't muster a resistance, either because he's too kind or too lustful.
    Either one is OK with the woman
    'Every lie you could live' - I checked, the song says live, despite 'give' in the lyrics on this page. This is a similar idea to the above line, and may be obvious to some of you. For those who don't understand this line, I offer an example:

    If there are any Star Trek fans here, you'll probably know this one. It's been a while since I saw it, so I might get some details wrong, but I will make my point clear: Capt. Picard is captured by an alien race and kept in a torture room. There are no torture devices, the torture is one of the mind. Picard is told that his crew and everyone he knows believes him to be dead. He is offered the freedom to live on the alien planet, a paradise. All he has to do, is tell the guard how many lights he sees in the ceiling of the room. There are four, but the guard tells him there are 3. When Picard says there are four, he is called a liar, and left in his cell. The idea being that by agreeing with the guard, and telling him there are 3 lights, Picard would be living a lie, accepting anything that the aliens told him, even when he could clearly see and easily prove that they were lying. Accepting their word over his own perception of reality.

    So, applying this to the song, it's possible that making her victims accept her word over their own perception, may be her ultimate triumph.

    Oh dear, I just wrote an essay, didn't I?
    SilverSpade92on June 28, 2014   Link

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