They say that heaven is like TV
A perfect little world
that doesn't really need you
And everything there
is made of light
And the days keep going by
Here they come Here they come
Here they come.

Well it was one of those days larger than life
When your friends came to dinner
and they stayed the night
And then they cleaned out the refrigerator -
They ate everything in sight
And then they stayed up in the living room
And they cried all night

Strange angels - singing just for me
Old stories - they're haunting me
This is nothing
like I thought it would be.

Well I was out in my four door
with the top down.
And I looked up and there they were:
Millions of tiny teardrops
just sort of hanging there
And I didn't know whether to laugh or cry
And I said to myself:
What next big sky?

Strange angels - singing just for me
Their spare change falls on top of me
Rain falling Falling all over me
All over me
Strange angels - singing just for me
Old Stories - they're haunting me
Big changes are coming
Here they come
Here they come.

Lyrics submitted by Lepra Messias

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    General CommentI had strange angels visiting who overstayed their welcome ... in some ways it's a bit like being in a cheap sit-com and chasing down energetic puppies ... and yet ...
    sillybunnyon July 22, 2006   Link
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    General Commentand they really really really like this song ... their renditions are fairly spectacular ... and so energetic ...
    sillybunnyon July 22, 2006   Link
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    General CommentHmm, it could simply be about inspiration and the muse. Wonderful imagery and melodies, ya.

    I just had an odd idea that the angels are a performer's audience; the applause and shouts are their "singing just for me". I doubt this is what Laurie had in mind, but ya never know. The right words can mean so many different things, that's why we're here giving our interpretations. I love multiple readings.

    to continue on this concept:
    The 'spare change' is their patronage; record and ticket sales; while their tears are the evocation of memory and emotion that they seek from music.

    Perhaps the refrigerator being emptied is the artist's lean years before the patronage began to become a true means of support.

    Yes, not likely, but I can make this kind of interpretation up all day long. :)

    warmPhaseon July 27, 2006   Link
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    General CommentA passion asked heaven for its lights and the wind for its symbols
    “We don’t know where we’re going …”
    The female—chases ghosts, stalks reflections, shadows, echoes.

    Sudden—scatter into wings.
    A wave explodes.
    Syllables … are incandescent.
    Playing … they open the mind—fracture silence.

    We’re between blue and good evening.
    Here begins vacant lots.
    “Someone has closed the door.
    The garden knew it. I saw …”

    The passion, daughter of air … spins light and shadow.
    Empty streets.
    Loitering sparrows.
    Rage’s rotten throne.
    Tense brow.
    “If all is lost!” … sadness of having come.

    From the top of the afternoon, the builders come—straight down.
    They are burning …
    millions and millions of notes … alternative explanation ...
    sillybunnyon July 29, 2006   Link
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    General CommentOkay … a more literal interpretation.

    Can I do it?
    No, me!
    Not her! She always gets to do it! I never do!
    Now, now …go play. I’ll do it.
    Who do you think you are?
    Okay. Someone, Anyone.

    Angels are strange and they don’t really care—or give a rat’s ass, as I just heard—who believes in them. And yes, they do say things like “rat’s ass”. Quite often. I don’t know if heaven is like TV although I am not doubting this—we just haven’t done much heaven.

    It was one of those days larger than life that the angel haunting me invited friends to visit. Actually Freddie Mercury opened this door and let a crowd in when he died but the tale is hard to buy so I won’t go into it. They’re big on B-movie plots around here. The angels didn’t literally clean out the refrigerator but they have been the guests that overstayed their welcome and they were much better at—get this—cleaning out the bank account rather than the refrigerator. Spending all my money—like they think I’m loaded and I’m not. Bet few people know this but I felt it wise to mention. They could start traveling around to visit others and while hanging on to your cash may seem prudent, I doubt you will be able to get the better of them. I never have.

    And did I cry all night? I cried often, had plenty to cry about and did an all-nighter that left me with very swollen eyes. I looked like someone else … Considering the whole experience thus far; I’ll mention it has been nothing like I thought it would be. When I wasn’t pissed, I was ecstatic with the prospects suggested by their presence—that’s angels for you.

    Cars have figured very strongly in their presentation because as they say, we are so vehicular—baby you can drive my car—meaning our physical forms are the vehicles we move around in. Finding your life in orderly chaos and wondering how the hell chaos can be orderly as millions of angels converge upon you is apt to make anyone laugh and cry. I remember one day when I could not stop laughing even though I was in—retrospectively humorous pain caused by excessive laughter. I love the line “what next big sky” so much, I use it when I’m trying to get a line on what the hell comes next around here. They just laugh.

    The spare change of stories, the rain of stories has descended in great and at times scary volume that has been educational even though I’ll still admit to being in a fog. And they’ve mentioned big changes coming for the past twenty years—the problem is they are such bullshitters it is impossible to say what is going to happen and what is just hoohah. How come they came? I never really got a straight answer. I asked how I got so lucky off and on for months and months and they just said, oh hush! We had to go somewhere, didn’t we? We’re old friends. You don’t remember? Gee … that’s strange … We remember you. I don’t remember them and frankly, if I had met them before, I would have recalled this.
    sillybunnyon July 29, 2006   Link
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    General CommentCherubim enjoy the second place around central operations and they descend from the terrible monster guardians of Babylonian and Sumerian temples called Ka-ri-bu.
    A. Disguised their magnificent and awesome selves inside sweet, tiny, rosy-cheeked winged babies under mysterious circumstances and got away with it
    B. Started out as monsters but fell into some Disney dust—it goes way back—and turned into cute cherubs
    C. Were big and horrible monsters until they looked around and said—God, this is way too trendy so they decided to surprise everyone in newer cuter duds.

    Some food for thought:
    A. The Old Testament never mentions fallen angels and features no evil Satan, Ha-Satan—the Adversary—comes up but this seems more an office than a particular angel and not a wicked one at that. The office-holder is beloved by God and nothing like the New Testament Satan.
    B. The Iranian angel Vohu Manah (Good Mind) revealed God’s message to Zoroaster 2,500 years ago and the Archangel Gabriel dictated the Quar’an to Mohammed over a millennium later.
    C. It is reasonable to assume that everything you wanted to know about angels would be found in the Christian Bible but surprisingly this is the last place to find such data—they are hardly mentioned.
    sillybunnyon September 16, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIt’s been said that I—Cama-el, Chief of the Powers [a choir of angels]:
    A. Am one of the seven favored—oh so special—angels
    B. Wrestled Jacob and made an appearance in the Garden of Gethsemane
    C. Like to strut around in a cat-suit—actually a leopard suit—so chic!
    D. Play the God of War and exceptionally well
    E. Commands 144,000 angels of destruction, punishment, vengeance and death—mediating between Heaven and Earth
    F. Hog all the glory in my choir.

    Some highly unsubstantiated rumors about angels are:
    A. They fall flat on their faces when encountering pretty women. Au contraire—we are charmed and charming.
    B. Human flesh plays havoc with an angel’s virtuous senses. Pshaw! Not any more than anyone else’s senses.
    C. Angels are unquestionably susceptible to a “friendship of the thighs.” Oh right—like we’re sex maniacs! We’re no more susceptible than anyone else.
    D. The material world corrodes an angel’s righteousness. Not unless they’re frolicking in Excess 101.
    sillybunnyon September 16, 2006   Link
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    General Comment'nuff said!

    ( ever-lovin' angels... )

    warmPhaseon August 29, 2008   Link

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