"Bleeding Ceremony" as written by and Steve Perry....
I was taught to always be nice so I open doors on impulse
Always make room on the sidewalk though I notice no one else does
They just plow through knocking you down
With a smug look on their faces
So I stay home writing my songs in my fantasy oasis

Would it be out of line
To spend the rest of my life in my head?
While I'm running my thumb along on the razor's edge?
Getting warm in the tub while I'm watching the clouds
Of the blood I spread

But I never said
What I wanted to say(4x)
Was drop dead

I'm a loner, like or not; a Marat; Inside I'm lonely
Purified by masochism in a bleeding ceremony
Light a candle, open my hand, and I'll end retaliations
From the dog pack cowardice here in the gauchest of the nations

Would it be too benign
To spend the rest of my time in my head?
Am I hurting myself to remember?- Like Orson's sled?
I've been waiting so long for the words to this song,
I bet I bleed to death

But I never said
What I wanted to say(4x)
Was drop dead
Now I hope that magically I will emerge back into life
Even though I'm vanishing now in a hemlock bath of wine
Become a hero swinging my sword in a bloody ancient world
And leave the life here ruined by guilt,
Where they need to thin the herd

Drop dead

Was what I wanted to say
What I wanted to say
Was drop dead

What I wanted to say(2x)
Was drop dead

What I wanted to say(3x)...

Lyrics submitted by Hraesvelg

Bleeding Ceremony song meanings
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    General CommentOh man, to the guy who submitted this; thanks, bud.

    Steve is sick of people and the world outside of his safe and comfortable places, like his home. He is sick of dealing with others (although folk who are familiar with Steve Perry also know that he doesn't want to be separated from them, despite disliking human beings as a whole) and therefore isolates and hurts himself and drinks to get away from them and feel better or divert his attention from his isolation, loneliness, and depression.
    Hraesvelgon March 27, 2006   Link
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    General Commentone of the greatest songs about suicidal thoughts ever.
    massivetidalwaveon December 16, 2006   Link

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