I know, what I know, I know
On the car ride down
I hear it in my head real low
Turn into
The only thing I ever--
Turn into
Hope I do
Turn into you

I know, what I know, I know
That girl you found
Keeps that kind of window closed
She'll turn into
The only thing you ever--
Turn into
Hope I do
Turn into you

Can't say why I kept this from you
My those quiet eyes become you
Leave it where it can't remind us
Turn this all around behind us
Oh! Well I know!
I'll fall right in to keep you out
I'd like to tell you all about it

I know, what I know, I know
This last time around
I'll hear it in my head real low
Turn into
The only thing you ever know

I know, what I know, I know
Ah yes.

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Turn Into Lyrics as written by Karen Orzolek Brian Chase

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    General CommentI thought she said, "I'll fall right in to keep you out," not "How far I am to keep you out."

    To me, this song is all about how when you get into a new relationship, you know that with love comes pain, inevitably, so it's hard to open up to someone new. As long as you never let someone in, you will never get hurt again.

    But at some point, we are helpless and can't protect ourselves from love. The Turn Into part could mean several things to me: Turn into stone so no one can get in (and hurt) you, turn into what that person wants you to be or expects you to be...Turn into someone with the courage to move forward, and open up in a new relationship despite the risks, etc...

    I don't know, does anyone else see it this way?
    samo3113on May 15, 2006   Link
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    General Commenthmmm i disagree with all the comments.

    i think that this song has nothing to do with cheating.

    i feel like she's in a relationship but does not know how to be in one. she closes up, and she turns into what she always turns into. and she wishes she could be like the other person, and be more open.

    even where she directly speaks to them she says "Can't say why I kept this from you
    My those quiet eyes become you
    Leave it where it can't remind us
    Turn this all around behind us
    Oh . . . well, I know
    How far I am to keep you out
    I'd like to tell you all about it"

    maybe it's not about commitment, but to a certain extent i think the song is about HERSELF rather then about whoever else she is singing. it's about her own mistakes and how she wishes she was like them more. i don't know what those mistakes are, but i like to interpret it that way
    FlatulenceOfAwesomenesson January 04, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI dont think theres anything in the song that hints at anyone being mad at anyone. I think its more mature than this.

    Firstly she says "I know what I know" meaning that she basically has such a deep and intelligent understanding of relationships (more than likely through experience). And what she knows is that he is indeed seeing someone else. Not just screwing around, but he is actually developing some deep feelings for the other "one". The other chick more than likely knows about Karen as well, but probably lingers in the back until the final outcome.

    To sum it all up Karen knows that the guy loves her from the 'weve been together all these years' aspect but the flame ran out whether it be from arguments or whatever. Karen also knows that the other girl will turn into the only thing he ever knew, as to say that in time he wont have to feel bad about leaving Karen as much, just as time heals all other wounds to.

    Shes not trying to convince the guy to stay with her because she knows that she messed up with him in the past with maybe lack of attention, or arguing, or nagging, and kind of pushed him away. As well, he probably did his share to. This may be far fetched for some, but how would you explain not being made that your significant other fell for someone else?

    Anyway, Karen can tell the guy is really confused. Should he stay in this same old worn out relationship acting happy and guessing what could have happened with the 'other girl', or should he go ahead and face the pain of loosing his long time companion, Karen, and will the other girl screw him. Karen is hurt as well, but she is really making it a little easier for both of them by just setting him free because the fact that she allready knows, and the fact that he caint tell her is eating them both inside.

    Before she probably kept this from him and hoped that it would maybe just go away or whatever, but know the same look he had in his eyes when he and Karen were fresh is the same look he has now.........."caint say why I kept this from ya, my those quiet eyes become ya". She probably caught him daydreaming a couple of times or something. Or maybe she can see in his eyes that his internal confusion and turmoil is slowly deteriorating him because he truly loves Karen, but caint help the way he feels about the 'other girl'.

    Try listening to it after reading this and see if it makes sense.

    Its basically a mature and understanding break up song. So the moral is.... well it could go south really quick so do what you can while you still have his, or her attention.
    SteelyDanforeveron October 11, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti can't stop listening to this!
    zennoron March 31, 2006   Link
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    General Commentamazing end to an amazing album
    "Well I know that girl you found
    Keep that kind of window closed"
    whenever that part of the song comes up, I sing that as loud as I can
    Ailujon April 14, 2006   Link
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    General Commentanyone else find this video touching? love karen o !!!
    seth86on June 16, 2006   Link
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    General Commentafter hearing it a few times, it's kinda a story about how she's with him and she loves him and all, but she knows about another girl he's seeing and feels the girl loves him too. The "Turn into" part is how you're with someone and when you're with them, you kinda turn into them, to make them happy, if that makes any sense.

    anyway, the song progresses that she gets mad and she'd "fall right in to keep [him] out" because she's sick of his crap and she's going to tell him all about it when she goes over to his place for the last time...

    or maybe he's met a girl and Karen knows that she's bad for him so she's saying, "keep that kind of window closed"...

    perhaps, perhaps, perhaps...
    inslothon August 22, 2006   Link
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    General CommentTo me this song is about Karen letting someone go that is very close to her.
    "I know what I know
    I know on car ride down
    I hear it my head real low"
    She has done something wrong(cheated on him) or has been lying to him and knows she isn't good for him. She is going to see him to break it off and can't stop thinking about it.

    "Turn into the only thing I ever, Turn into hope I do, Turn into you"
    - She still loves him and wishes she could be as loyal and perfect as him. She doesn't want to give him up but knows it is best for both of them.

    "Well I know that girl you found, Keep that kind of window closed"
    She's trying to explain to him that she isn't the perfect girl he sees her as (love can make you see what you want to sometimes).

    "Can't say why I kept this from you, My those quiet eyes become ya"
    - She should have told him right away and he is kind of sitting their not wanting to believe what she is telling him.

    "Leave it where it can't remind us, Turn this all around behind us"
    - She is still fighting to let him go, she wishes she could change/forget the past.

    "Oh... Well I know, How far I am to keep you out, I'd like to tell you all about it"
    - She has to stay away from him for his own good or she will hurt him more, but again, is fighting against what she knows is best for him.

    "I know this last time round, I'll hear it in my head real low"
    - This is the end for them, but she will always remember him.

    "Turn into the only thing that ever known, Only thing that ever knows..."
    - More regret over what she has done.
    TheSoundOfCarpeton July 03, 2007   Link
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    General CommentAm I the only one who thinks she's talking about herself?
    justicehawveron November 27, 2007   Link
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    General Commentand this one too. :D

    this album is great.
    elleonon March 26, 2006   Link

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