"Brown Derby Jump" as written by and Steve Perry....
She was a woman of mystery
And what she wanted I could not see
A three-year trip on the dragon
'Till the clinic had to get me clean
We were a party and always drunk
Before I knew it the wreckage sunk
Shake, trip, shimmy and we'd do the bump
Everybody swingin' to the Brown Derby Jump

The beautiful life is always damned
You gotta fall into the quicksand
A deadly kiss from a temptress can serve
To make a truly wayward man
She's not a talker her teeth are fixed
But she's a looker that lives for kicks
A nightmare straight from an Otto Dix
Everybody swingin' with the Brown Derby chicks

I've come a long way and now I'm me
The darkest river that meets the sea
And all those lights on the harbor seem
To be sparklin' in bittersweet
I'm a survivor my heart is tough
I'm hangin' in there and that's enough
Shake, trip, shimmy and we'd do the bump
Everybody swingin' to the
Brown Derby Jump

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    General CommentBasically this is saying that life in the fast lane is fun while you're there, but the aftermath is tough, and nothing comes free. It's also very easy to fall into this life without even thinking of the consequences.

    This and Zoot Suit Riot are my favourite CPD songs and definitely two of my favourite Neo-Swing songs.
    cadillac4lifeon February 12, 2007   Link
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    General Comment"Chasing the dragon" is slang for using heroin, hence the first verse talking about the "clinic". So the first two verses are about the dark side to a fast life, and the third line is reflecting back on those days.

    Otto Dix was a German artist whose work varied over his life, but as the 'Daddies here are suggesting a '30s-'40s tableaux (when brown derbies and swing music were both in style) , his art at the time tended to be somewhat realistic, but often grotesque, with human features rendered oddly, giving their subjects a human-yet-inhuman appearance--nightmarish, in a way. The song might also be referencing a specific Dix work, too.
    ProfessorKnowItAllon March 04, 2008   Link
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    My Opinion...a nightmare straight from an Otto Dix...

    It is "an" and not "the". Otto Dix was a German painter noted for his often grotesque renderings of war. I think this line is there to link the song to the era of the 1930's when Brown Derbies, Swing music, and Art Deco was fab,
    Mark Kangeson March 29, 2017   Link

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