"Waiting For Tonight" as written by and Tom Petty....
I went walking down the Boulevard
Past the skateboards and the beggars
I was out looking in the windows
Just out walking, letting my mind roam
If she hung around too much I might take her for granted
But when I was away, she seemed an angel
The only one who really cared about me
The only one without an angle
For so long I've been lonely
Now I'm too weak to fight

I've been waiting for tonight
I've been waiting for tonight

(Good night my love, sleep tight my love)
Yes and I had a little time to kill
As I crossed the parking lot
And I was feeling lucky to have a place to go
Yeah my nerves were feeling shot
For so long I've been weary
There was no end in sight

I've been waiting for tonight
I've been waiting for tonight

(Good night my love, sleep tight my love)
Oh I've been waiting 'round
For a night like this
Yeah I felt it coming down
Since her first kiss

(Good night my love)
Yeah and I'm wrestling with my overcoat
Yeah I'm fighting with my thoughts
I'm gonna trust my intuition
I'm gonna hope I don't get lost
For some time I've been lonely
I've been too weak to fight
I've been waiting for tonight
I've been waiting for tonight

(Good night my love, sleep tight my love)

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"Waiting for Tonight" as written by Tom Petty

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    General CommentNothing yet? Definitely one of my favorite lesser-known Tom Petty songs. I always think of the second verse when I'm out for a walk and happen to cross a parking lot.

    The meaning seems obvious enough if you look at the words. Just about being alone anf hoping for something (or someone) better to come along.
    Nick the Bastardon July 15, 2006   Link
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    General CommentAgreed!! One of my favorites of his that never really took off.

    The meaning seems obvious at first, a guy who's lonely and a little scared to jump into things, but now it's all finally about to go somewhere--maybe even a proposal.

    Or, you could interpret it as a couple who has had a fight and a resulting long period of hiatus, and he's about to go apologize and let it go.

    This one is a little out there, but something ominous about the women in the background saying "goodnight love" made me wonder at one point if it's a guy who's already married but unhappy and feels trapped, and he's actually singing about a lover with whom he's about to run off.
    anyagon July 19, 2006   Link
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    General CommentCan't believe this song isn't more popular, it's classic Petty.
    I interpret it as the character has been away for a long time, and it's about going back to visit a really special girl back home. Like maybe it's about touring and have all this fun and getting all the girls etc. but it really wearing him down and he just wants to be with someone who he feels is real and someone he has actual feelings for. But he's also scared and nervous and doesn't quite understand his relationship with her because she is so special.
    "I was wrestling with my overcoat, fighting with my thoughts"
    "If she hung around too long i might take her for granted"
    It's like because he's fallen for her so hard it makes the situation much more delicate and he's scared about messing it up.
    All the way through the song you a get the impression the character is just exhausted and worn down with life and all the tension and apprehension he has built up can just be released tonight when he sees this girl.
    "The only one who really cared about me, The only one without an angle"
    MrJones87on July 19, 2008   Link

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