Little boy with a heart of gold, your scars forever nigh have told: malicious deeds that none should know. They’ll never take your heart of gold. May angels guide your feet, little boy, towards the peace you truly seek – HIGH PROOF TO EASE THE PAIN WON’T HEAL YOUR WOUNDS THIS WAY. Little girl with a heart of gold, your smile, for long, has not been shown. Don’t listen to the jokes they’ve told. They’ll never hold the weight of gold. May angels guide your feet, little girl, towards the peace you truly seek - LINED SKIN AND REDDENED BLADES WON’T HEAL YOUR WOUNDS THIS WAY. May angels guide you there. Godspeed in getting there. May angels guide your feet, little one, towards the peace you truly seek: UNFAIRLY GIVEN SCARS DON’T MAKE YOU WHO YOU ARE. I’m sorry for the pain I gave. I’m ashamed I made you feel this way. I’d take your scars and wounds away. If I could rewrite yesterday.

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Black, Blue and Gold song meanings
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    General Comment"This song means a lot to me personally because I was on both ends of it. Through words and actions, there were many times I caused others pain or experienced it myself because of things I did or they did to me. It’s classic high school life. Kids’ hearts are crushed, as everyone wants to exploit others who are lower on the social totem pole. The victims are left so depressed that they resort to harmful coping mechanisms.

    “Lined skin and reddened blades won’t heal your wounds this way.”

    There was one kid in particular that everyone, myself included, demeaned. He always seemed to take it, though he’d do nothing in return. I often thought to myself (and still do) that this kid is a bigger man than I. Shame and respect were often mingled in my thoughts when I saw him." - Darin Keim (Staple)
    knocloo27on March 17, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthis song means alot to me, not only does it sound good, but the meaning is something many can relate to, like myself.. and as soon as i heard the first lines of the song i realized it was somethin i was going to relate to and immediately listened to every word.. its amazing. sad, true, amazing.
    StoneAngelon June 06, 2006   Link

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