Kinda kinda kinda kinda kinda got bars
I kinda kinda go hard Neck ass
You know
Free my brother flip, Free block boy
Coming home soon
But I can’t say that it’s true
Say you can call me what you want but I can’t say that it’s true
Cause all the dirt that I done did, I had to change how I move
Bitch I came with the troops
And yes I hang with the goons
And I won’t let yo ass around me you can’t play by the rules
And you can call me what you want but you can’t show me no proof
Cause all the dirt that I done did they want my name on a tomb
I got some killers with me now they don’t play by the rules
And the ones that I grew up with they done changed man they fu
And my bitch left the other day cause I wasn’t changing my mood
But I don’t need no one around me y’all can all leave it’s cool
Cause I done been through too much shit all this pain that I went through
And I don’t got no one to talk to, put my heart in the stu
And I don’t want you around unless you riding for me
And I don’t want you no more because you lied to me
I lost my granny broke down bad shit I could hardly breathe
And all them times that I left you I could hardly leave
& it’s okay with me cause I see that it’s okay with you
And you can go shit you can leave and there ain’t no chasing you
And I don’t need no one to talk to, ima stay in the booth
That’s on my son that’s on my kids bitch I am never gon lose
And I can see you don’t care
Shit all the proof is right there
Because you still ain’t here
But bitch I’m facing my fears
And I don’t love you no mo
And I can’t trust you no mo
And I don’t want you, you hoe
Because my heart too froze
And yes my heart too cold
And I’m still never gon fold
Not for no bitch or no hoe
Trying get rich for my bro
I got my kicks in the do
I got the stick for the pole
And I can see she a hoe
So ima fuck on the flo
You can’t tell me about pain
Cause I done went through like everything
I done walked in the rain
I seen my own homie change
I seen the real turn to fake
Then try to smile in my face
Like I ain’t know they a snake
But you can’t eat off my plate
You gotta go get yo own
You can’t depend on nobody
You gotta get it you grown
And them boys said that they robbed me
Man we can get it, it’s on
And i don’t talk on the phone
I used to walk into homes
And if we stalk him he gone
Don’t need no hook for the song
Fuck a job cause we on
Fuck all that pain did me wrong
Think that they took this shit wrong
Cause I ain’t sad hell nah
I’m jus stating my feelings
Got paper stacked to the ceiling
Got haters mad cause we chilling
And we still winning bitch
Hell nah you can’t get it
They say shit on em I did it
I take the profit then flip it
I had to double my digits
I catch a body I’m dipping
Then clean the pole and I ditch it
They say prince cash he the sickest
And out the ville I’m the illest
Yeah I said it Pussy

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Truth Lyrics as written by Corey Wyatt

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