There's a whole lot of people suffering tonight from the disease of conceit
Whole lot of people struggling tonight from the disease of conceit
Comes right down the highway straight down the line
Rips into your senses through your body and your mind
Nothing about it that's sweet
The disease of conceit

There's a whole lot of hearts breaking tonight from the disease of conceit
Whole lot of hearts shaking tonight from the disease of conceit
Steps into your room eats into your soul
Over your senses you have no control
Ain't nothing too discreet about the disease of conceit

There's a whole lot of people dying tonight from the disease of conceit
Whole lot of people crying tonight from the disease of conceit
Comes right out of nowhere and you're down for the count
From the outside world the pressure will mount
Turn you into a piece of meat
The disease of conceit

Conceit is the disease that the doctors got no cure
They've done a lot of research on it but what it is they're still not sure

There's a whole lot of people in trouble tonight from the disease of conceit
Whole lot of people seeing trouble tonight from the disease of conceit
Give you delusions of grandeur and an evil eye
Give you the idea that you're too good to die
The they bury you from head to your feet
From the disease of conceit

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"Disease of Conceit" as written by Bob Dylan


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Disease of Conceit song meanings
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    General CommentA beautiful exposition on sin.

    EatingPieon October 01, 2006   Link
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    General CommentGive you idea that
    You're too good to die,
    Then they bury you from your head to your feet
    From the disease of conceit.

    Yeah. I'd like to think Dylan admonishes people against beaviour that isolates them from others. Whether its being religious (Oh Sister), being a schmuck (Like a Rolling Stone), don't be a prude (Lay Lady Lay), or conceipt. On the other hand, he does send the island of fags and gamblers to the bottom in Black Diamond Bay.
    arabhammerheadon June 30, 2007   Link
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    General CommentA very beautiful song, and like arabhammerhead said, somewhat like Lay Lady Lay
    I think that song is about conceit as well, and Like A Rolling Stone
    It shows the emotional evolution of Dylan, too

    Like A Rolling Stone is angry, youthful, spite-fulled, vengeful, mean and oppositional toward the girl who is now no longer in the lap of luxury.

    Lay Lady Lay is more a middle-aged, everyman view of it, just an honest working-class joe who loves this girl. I love the line "my clothes are dirty but my hands are clean"

    And here, he is expanding the idea of conceit into a universal thing. Like the narrator in Like A Rolling Stone, is now suffering from the disease as much as the girl was at one time, and maybe the woman in Lay Lady Lay didn't lay, because she was conceited. And so her and the man in the song both suffer. It ties in everything. Very important song, to me, in the Dylan canon.

    TheThornBirdson March 16, 2009   Link
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    General CommentTele evangelist Marvin Gorman's downfall in 86,Jim Baker in 87, & Jimmy Swagart in 88, all fell due to their conceit & moral faliings. Re: Jimmy Sawagart wiki. Dylan wrote this in 89.
    Dylan's mention of sickness of the soul, delusions of grandeur, and the idea that your to good to die comments was written after tele evangelist Jimmy Swagarts downfall.
    joeo78501on March 18, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis song just shows me who I really am, how rotten my heart is, and my need for mercy. Oh mercy!
    Carloteson January 28, 2018   Link
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    My OpinionYes, conceit has very much to do with sin. This includes the observation that most religious people are quite confident that their personal problems with sin have essentially been solved. They are sure: A thorough check of convictions (= penance) is certainly of fundamental importance, but only for others. However much their personal “beliefs” deviate from those of others or from the overall evidence in the scriptures: On judgment day the judge day will bow to their versions if they remain free from doubt. What nonsense! They will miss the mark because of this unjustified conviction of safety.

    Those who do not need to listen will become deaf. “Over your senses / You have no control.” Do you believe that Assad thinks he is a cruel tyrant? I assume he rather thinks he loves his people and has to protect it from terrorists. There are hundreds around him that confirm this thinking.

    Deceit is much more common than you think.
    Mikeschon July 07, 2013   Link

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