Do you really fucking think that it's a choice, a way of life
Plagued by discrimination?
You're narrow-minded, quick to judge
With bible belt tunnel vision

This is ignorance!

Failure to evolve is failure to us all
When will you learn that this is where we fall?
Failure to evolve is failure to us all
When will you learn that this is where we fall?
Where we fall

"Is this my fate!?" he asked them
They answered, condemning him to burn
Rejected, forsaken for being fucking born
I can't believe that this is still a question that needs an answer
A bigot's eyes judging lives based on the sex of who you fuck

This is ignorance!

Failure to evolve is failure to us all
When will you learn that this is where we fall?
Failure to evolve is failure to us all
When will you learn that is where we fall?
Where we fall

Burn! (Burn!) Burn! (Burn!)
Judged and condemned to
Burn! (Burn!) Burn! (Burn!)
Judged and condemned to burn!

When will you learn?
Will you learn?
When will you learn?

Lyrics submitted by ruvvan, edited by VivaLaSam

Is this my fate? He asked them song meanings
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    General CommentOk for all you arrogant narrow minded idiots that say "Its a choice" its not...

    Let me ask you about the bible those that are quoting it so much....did you know that yes it says for a man to sleep with a man is an abomination, but at the same time it also says that children that do not mind their parents is an what do you have to say about that?
    Are you not well aware that when generations and society changes so does are taking a book that was written by 40 different authors of the books, and did you know that their were a number of gospels that werent even accepted into the bible....a gospel is a biography...!! As our generation changes so does our livestyles, your are looking at accounts from before christ ages, so are you goin to live that way though everything around you changes...going back to the actual text it also says that liars, adulters and thieves are also an abomination, however we preach to them to seek forgiveness and they continue to do it and ask for forgivness how can you justify that but not homosexuality??

    Before you start preaching of the bible make sure you understand ever side of it..
    softballsweetie410on February 01, 2009   Link
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    General CommentAmazing....Story of the Year should make more songs like this. The heavier, the better. If this song, especially the last 2 minutes, doesn't make your adrenaline sky rocket, you have no soul. Rock on.
    Clemsonon March 08, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI am gay!, and you do not know how i wish not be that!!
    if i could, i rather be str8, of course...
    Do you really fucking think
    that it's a choice, a way of life
    played by discrimination?
    hey all this shit is pretty sad
    so stevewode... think about it
    maty_coxon April 27, 2007   Link
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    General Commentstevewode. stfu. gay is not a choice. its a fukin thing you are born with ..

    but then.. you cannot say that god is not real, that in itself is discrimination.. and you.. are (sortof) in a way, what this song is singing about too.

    and, im not saying i havnt discriminated either, because i have, but, just think about it!
    r0ck_r0xon May 20, 2007   Link
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    General Commentstevewode, i have heard some pretty ignorant things in my life, but you have, by a landslide, topped all of them. you're pathetic. you wouldn't ever understand what its like to be gay. anyway, amazing song. wrote an essay entirely on this song.
    BassManRBX170on September 05, 2007   Link
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    General Commentokay, i'm sorry, you guys are wrong if you think it's NOT about being gay... it's so obvious... anyone who knows SOTY knows that this song is pro-gay. this gives it away too...

    "based on the sex of who you fuck"

    it's a pro-gay song.........
    trainwr3ckon March 27, 2008   Link
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    General Commentall you fuck tards who think people choose to be gay are absolutely out of your minds. the shit people put through gays is brutal so why the hell would anyone "choose" to be gay? i wouldn't wish homosexuality on my worse enemy on account of you naive idiots.
    all you "god-lovers" need to start thinking for themselves and stop listening to a book

    stevewode, you're the stupidest of them all. being a murderer and being gay are two completely different things. being gay is an attraction in which attractions you cannot control. murdering someone is an act in which you can control. i can choose to kill someone any time of day. i can't choose to be attracted to someone
    yeee_sonon August 02, 2008   Link
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    General Commentdude stevewode shut the fuck up. if someones gay let them be. they dont choose to gay. not llike anyone wakes up one day and desides hey today im gnunna start being gay. ur born gay u dont choose to be and this song is amazing . and oyeah god isnt real and ur jst wat this song is singing about
    hllywoodundead05on April 19, 2007   Link
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    General CommentFirst off, this site is for discussing the meaning of songs, not for telling people how they should live their own lives! This song is about our failure to evolve by clinging to hate and judgment, therefore failing the human race by condemning one another based on their life choices.

    "you're narrow-minded, quick to judge
    with bible belt tunnel vision"

    Hey stevewode... I think this lyric was written especially for people like you. Comparing sexual orientation to murder? I think you have proven to everyone on this board how ignorant you are. You are a pathetic human being, and should be ashamed of yourself.

    Those of you on this board who are bashing homosexuals, look within yourself and figure out why you are so hateful. Do not use religion or god to justify your own hatred and ignorance. The bible also says that women cannot be teachers, it condones slavery and rape, as well as human and animal sacrifice. It is simply ancient scripture that is out dated and should not be taken literally by anyone. Also, most Christians follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, who banished the old testament to start a new coven. He represents a message of love and acceptance to his followers. Maybe you should know a little something about your own religion before you go off preaching hate.

    "This is ignorance
    failure to evolve
    is failure to us all
    when will you learn
    that this is where we fall"

    Story of the Year has it completely right. This is failure to evolve. Hatred and discrimination derives from ignorance. This is why genocide, wars, and hate crimes are a reality in this world. Wake up people! A great man once said, "Love is all you need." Nobody is perfect, we are all human, we are all equal. Until we can accept each other, this world will always be at war and we will never have the end we only have ourselves to blame for the ugly place this world can be.
    auspiciousoneon January 06, 2010   Link
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    General's my take on this with all of the anti-gay/gay debates going on.

    As far as religion's wrong to judge...'nuff said there. Don't be can't go around saying being gay is wrong because that's being judgemental and being judgemental is wrong. Don't be your own hypocracy. This is exactly why I don't get along with a lot of members of organized religions. They're sheep and very few of them pay attention to what the hell is coming out when they communicate. Also, I'd like to point out that homosexuality has been in existance far longer than Christianity, considering it had been around centuries before Jesus was born. Just saying.

    Second off, for the sake of the debate of whether or not gays are born gay or not, both sides of you need to stfu unless you've got the fucking study in your hand that says one way or the other...for real. A lot of people say you're not born with ADHD but I've got it, and had it ever since I can remember. I can't say for sure I was born with it but I do know it's not an excuse.

    Third off, I am in full support of gays because at least they have the balls to be who they are. And as for the gay people who are on here saying "Oh, I wish I wasn't gay", quit whining trying to prove your point, accept and embrace yourself for who you are, whether it is a choice or not. It doesn't matter and you don't owe these assholes an explanation.

    That being said, I like the message this song conveys. I believe in accepting people for who they are regardless, because THAT is what GOD wants us to do. We are to be fishers of men, not go in and blow up the lake. That means if the fish bites, or if the person is interested (in lamens terms), then you try to help them in. But if the fish doesn't bit it doesn't mean you attack them. Seriously, what in the world are people coming to?

    By the way, I can't consider myself a Christian (for obvious reasons). I do believe in God, but I'm fairly eclectic in my beliefs. It's the only thing that scientifically makes sense.
    JenniLee2003on November 23, 2010   Link

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