"Positivity" as written by Simon Gilbert, Brett Anderson, Neil John Codling, Richard Oakes and Matthew David Osman....
You say what you want to say
Your diamonds are drops of rain
Your smile is your credit card
And your currency is your love.

And the morning is for you
And the air is free
And the birds sing for you
And your positivity.

You play where you want to play
On the main streets where the creeps all prey
And you can feel like you're in dynasty
You could be what you want to be.

And the morning is for you
And the air is free
And the birds sing for you
And your positivity.

And the cars crash for you
And the sunshine is free
And the sirens call you.

Yes, the morning is for you
Yes, the air is free
Yes, the world spins for you
And your positivity.

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"Positivity" as written by Brett Anderson Simon Gilbert

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    General CommentThis song is wonderful, but kind of funny in its ambiguity.

    Do you realize that if you read it one way, it sounds like lavish praise and adoration laid on a lovely girl? Maybe someone you're in love with, or infatuated with ("the morning is for you, the birds sing for you, the cars crash for you, the world spins for you..."). Very whimsical and romantic in that sense.

    But then from another angle, it sounds like a sarcastic jab at the self-absorbed life of someone with a messiah complex or some wannabe starlet. The references to money, diamonds, credit cards, 'Dynasty' (the show), going where the creeps all prey (clubs?) all seem to point in that direction.

    I'd like to know what you think about the lyrics.
    Vicomte de Valmonton October 21, 2006   Link
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    General CommentAh, I love this song. I think i've heard from somewhere that it's not the most liked of Suede songs... I think it's just such a lovely song that it's impossible to pass up. Y'know - its the kind of song that makes me smile. I dunno, it's just *nice*.
    illustraaon March 02, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI'd never quite thought of it that way; i'm doomed to optimism :P But thats a good point too... all the people who think the world spins for them :P

    Myself though i always thought it was more of a love song. Describing someone who was, adimttedly, very confident in themselves ("you play where you want to play... where the creeps all prey" sounds like someone who wanders around kind of oblivious to what really happens in some places because theyre a bit to naive, a bit too positive, and wearing rose-tinted glasses, so to speak) but ultimately despite the flaws - which we al have - he's utterly smitten with this person. Especially in the first and last verses that comes through i guess.
    illustraaon April 06, 2007   Link
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    My InterpretationInitially I thought this was about something like someone getting out of rehab and experiencing the happiness of life without any drugs.

    Personally I think it's about getting high and being euphoric. "The cars crash for you" seems to indicate he's happy even with the natural bad things in life, it doesn't matter to him

    I never really thought of "You" as a girl, as others have said...

    weedmastaon October 20, 2011   Link

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