"Return To Me" as written by and Ryan Christopher Webb....
Slowly walking down the street
Where the homeless and the lovers meet
I bask in ol' blue
Your skin does too
I saw the garland
In the skyline
In the byline

I took a drink
I took the pills
You'll murder me I know you will
Some wish that I could change this
That you were hopin'
I keep hopin'
For a cure
For some medicine
Just one conversation

I can't return to you
You must return to me
That's the deal
I'm sorry
Did I say I'm sorry (sorry)

In a universe where I was flat
You hunkered down and lived the past
You're leaving soon
It's 10 til noon
I see a black car
I'm movin through time
When will we part

I have been the worst of kinds
A sorrowed heart
A cluttered mind
And I'm thinkin' that I could change this
That I could change this
But I can't change this

I can't return to you
You must return to me
That's the deal
I'm sorry
Did I say I'm sorry
I'm sorry
I'm sorry now

I can't return to you
You must return to me
That's the deal
I'm sorry
Did I say I'm sorry
I'm sorry
I'm sorry now
Did I say I'm sorry
Did I say I miss you
I'll do what I have to do
(I say I miss you)
(I miss you)
(I'll do what I have to do)

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"Return to Me" as written by Ryan Christopher Webb

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    General CommentI'm not totally sure if it's correct, but this is how I'm interpreting the song because it's what it means to me, right this second:

    I think it's about a relationship that's ended, badly. The guy misses the girl horribly and would do anything to have 'just one conversation', but he realizes that he's already done everything he can ('but I can't change this'), and now the ball is in her court. He can't do anything more to make things right, she is the one who must make the effort to return to him. And meanwhile, he's just going to keep missing her.
    faeriedust87on December 04, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think the third line is "The bars glow blue" instead of "I bask in ol' blue" Whatever the case, the first verse does a great job of setting up the atmospherics for the song and its emotions to take place in.

    Spot on with the meaning, though. I imagine a guy wandering around a city at night, through a maze of empty streets still damp from an earlier rain storm, alone with his own thoughts that sting like daggers in his head.

    The soft glow of blue light from neon signs in pub windows just gives the imagery that extra amount of detail that compliments the feeling of the song perfectly.
    davidecoyoteon January 02, 2007   Link
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    General CommentAt first, I thought it meant the same thing as the above. It seems like he is saying, if it is meant to be, you will come back to me. Kind of like the phrase, "if you love something, let it go..."

    However, not to sound morbid, but I think it could also be about dying. One someone you love dies they can't return so you have to return to them. I get this impression from the lines, "I keep hopin, for a cure, for some medicine, just one conversation." And it sounds like they are apologizing for being sick and leaving them but that the other person must keep the deal they made to never leave each other... or something like that. Really sad if that is the case but also very captivating and moving.
    FSU Kellyon September 13, 2007   Link
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    General CommentCouple of mistakes in the lyrics:

    Verse 1,Line 3: The bars glow blue

    V2, L4: So I'm wishin', that I could change this
    V2, L4: That you would open,

    V4, L1: (I think it should be "In a verse where all is flat". That relates to this being a song, and the depressing mood relates to the "flat" notes. Not too sure. I like this better, but either goes.)
    V4, L2: You hunkered down and re-lived the past.
    V4, L6: I'm moving through tar,
    V4, L7: When we're apart.

    The title being "Return To Me", it doesn't make sense asking when they're going to split up.

    The term "tar" is a pun, for the roadworks, relating to the car, and cigarrette tar. It's these cases it is thick and toxic respectively. Moving through something thick means you move slowly. Something toxic hurts you. In other words, he is slowly moving on, but it still hurts.

    "Open" up and "conversation" go together too, as do the "bar" and the "drink". The homeless drink to overcome pain, and the lovers drink to loosen up. This fits in with the bar idea better than basking in moonlight.

    You'll notice that things are coupled up in this song, but the words appear in different areas, symbolizing this broken relationship he's in. If you think about it that way, listen to the song again, and you'll see why these lyrics work better with the meaning.

    I think the underlying plot is overcoming death. It is conveyed as a romantic relationship on top, but clearly about death with the whole "I can't return to you" thing.

    Well, that's pretty much my 20 cents. :P
    SinkingHigheron July 09, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI agree with faerie also, You love and miss the person, but you feel that you've done everything you can and now the ball is in their court. "I can't return to you, you must return to me, that's the deal. Did I say I'm sorry, did I say I miss you, I'll do what I have to do" song of my life a few years ago.
    strangersatelliteon April 19, 2007   Link
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    General Commentfaerie, i could not agree with you more. this is a good song btw..
    thewallguyon December 05, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis song is lovely. I really like Matthew Ryan and first heard him on Pandora Radio. Anyone know where I could get a copy of the song Long Blvd?
    munchpancakefaceon October 15, 2008   Link

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