I won’t tell you, baby, you drink too much
This year, on Valentine’s Day.
And I won’t see you looking at that girl’s butt
This year, on Valentine’s Day.
I won’t remind you I’m not for granted,
Won’t have to beg you to take a shower.
I won’t even cry cause you don’t love me enough
This year, on Valentine’s Day.

Got my bags packed and I’m bringing the dog,
Going too fast on the highway.
Lost my love for me when I loved you,
Gonna reclaim it all on Valentine’s Day.
O –
True love at last, on Valentine’s Day.

Gonna have dinner with the coolest girl,
Although she’s been broken down during this stay.
Just me, myself and my biggest laughter
Candle light dinner on Valentine’s Day.

And then, I’ll go dancing at the finest club,
Find a kid who’s ready to play.
Gonna get all the pleasure you never could give me,
This year on Valentine’s Day.
O –
True love at last, on Valentine’s Day.

So I hope you are sorry and I wish you the worst
And that’s all I had to say.
I think we have fish sticks if you need dinner
This year, on Valentine’s Day.

Got a feeling this is going to be Valentine’s year.
Roses are red and violets are blue, sugar is sweet and I’m leaving you.

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    General CommentIn this song she's emphasising the importance of self-worth and self-love. She's leaving her lover and her unhappy relationship with him behind. By doing this she's learning to love herself again like she couldn't before because she gave her all to him.
    She uses Valentine's Day to show what true love is. Previous Valentine's Days were spent in what is normally seen as the "ideal" conventional way to spend them- i.e. with your lover. However this was far from a good thing, as he treated her badly and made her miserable. Now she'll be alone for Valentine's Day, something that many people fear. However she shows that this is a positive outcome, as she regains the ability to love and respect herself.
    This song makes a mockery of the commercialism that surrounds the concept of "love" on Valentine's Day, most effectively shown by the irony of the last lines (parody of the cliched "Roses are red..." rhyme). True love is found within yourself.
    SparksOfGoldon January 11, 2007   Link
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    General CommentLove it. Listen to the Brizillian dude below; he knows the meaning of this song. For me, who's been sick with the flu, it's a chance to finally have a real Valentine's celebration...a late dinner than some jazz music at a club. (No hip hop due to my stomach still being weak, unforunately.) I thank God that a life's torture is ending and new paths will begin for everyone. I look forward to the letting go, as it's been gradual but evenutal. And I am thankful to all the men and women who appreciate me for me, warts and all. They love, like, and even some desire me for who I am as a person. It's a good feeling. Here's to Valentine's Day 2013. May this one be the right one for Fade Into You, the epitome of a love song.
    IllToast2Thaton February 13, 2013   Link

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