"Men With Broken Hearts" as written by Sr. Williams and Sr. Williams....
You'll meet many just like me upon lifes busy street.
With shoulders stooped and heads bowed low and eyes that stare in defeat.
For souls that live within the past where sorrow plays all parts,
For a living death is all that's left for men with brokens hearts.
You have no right to be the judge, to criticize and condemn.
Just think but for the grace of God it would be you instead of him.
One careless step, a thoughtless deed and then the misery starts
And to those who weep death comes cheap, these men with broken hearts.

Humble you should be when they come passing by,
For its written that the greatest of men never get to big to cry.
Some lose faith in love and life when sorrow shoots her darts,
With hope all gone, they walk alone these men with broken hearts.
You've never walked in that man's shoes or saw things through his eyes,
Or stood and watched with helpless hands while the heart inside you dies.

Some were porpers, some were kings, some were masters of the arts,
But in their shame they're all the same, these men with broken hearts.
Life sometimes can be so cruel that a heart will pray for death.
God why must these living dead know pain with every breath?
So help your brother along the road, no matter where he starts!
For the God that made you,made them too. These men with broken hearts!

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"Men With Broken Hearts" as written by Hank Williams Sr.

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    General CommentFrom memory as a child I watch the funeral precession of Elvis Presley along with millions of others all of whom meant absolutely nothing to me, watched as he slowly disappeared in the distance. In that big black car

    To this day Elvis is and represents all of what I would consider to be a decent human being, and from that I believe has played a considerable over aching authority toward the values I hold.

    I'm unable to pinpoint such a time where I first heard Elvis's rendition or parts of Hank Williams - Men With Broken Hearts, but has always made me stop and listen, simply due to the song, the person, the tune etc etc. And jn that I have never given it another thought until today.

    I'm going to embarrass myself right here, to the fact I had never taken the time to listen to the original by Mr Williams. Man what a great bunch of words with so much meaning not of definition but of, what I image to be empathy on a normal every day going about business, but in going about it considering this, or that or have you really understood the situation that others among you may be battling in silents.

    I feel that straight away without ponder I understood these mens story's in such a way as to not be without emotion of or considering myself and of those around me blessed to have what we have and to live a life in such a way to show our appreciation for the privilege of having one.

    All of these great humans that I have had to be apart of, simply by there existence coincided with mine, all have taught me well thank you.

    Lastly today is the first time I've thought of all those other people watching on that day, and everyone, some more then others, how they came to their individual acceptance of such a loss, I know there are some that to this day are still devastated of the event, but in their own way find the strength if I may use such a word, keep moving on. I find that bond of emotional attachment just so overwhelming that an individual has the influence of such an emotional binding warmth on a strangers life that even by his death unable to curve the devotion one has for another.

    ' Thank you, thank you your a beautiful audience '
    the1041373on August 31, 2018   Link

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