Swim out to the ocean
Drown your thoughts out at sea
And dip your hands in the water
Same deep water as me

You've been watching for cloudburst
You've been praying for rain
Drench your soul in the water
Cleanse your heart of the stain
Cleanse your heart of the stain

The river of love
Flows deep through the night
Rolls you in with the waves
Drags you out with the tides

Swim out to the ocean
Drown our thoughts out at sea
Dipped your hands in the water
The same deep water as me
Same deep water as me

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"The Same Deep Water As Me" as written by John Harold Arnold Bramwell Andrew Peter Hargreaves


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    General Commentas i'm fan of i am kloot and also of the cure, i think that "the same deep water as me" is copy of "the same deep water as you" by the cure. and you've been praying for rain= the cure song prayers for rain.
    probably the meaning of the song is different than the cure's but ... ok maybe it's just an accident.
    Thousandthskieson December 15, 2010   Link
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    My Interpretationstevec
    I have watched the final scene of "the A word" over and over and am overwhelmed by the depth of this song bringing context to all the relationships depicted there. The meaning is so clear.....life....all our relationships....are so complex and so fragile. Life is the deep water that we can never fully understand. All we can ever hope to do is share the experience "dip your hand in the water, the same deep water as me".

    It feels to me the writers had this song in mind right from the beginning. I have never heard it before. It is, as someone commented above, an astounding extended metaphor.

    In "The A word" it brings context to all the characters.

    Joe and Rebecca......Joe desperately struggling to make sense of life, Rebecca accepting him just as he is, and yet painfully aware of all the difficulties he will face. And so unsure of whether she should go away. Deep water shared.

    Eddie and Nicola......fighting for a future to share with their baby daughter. Painfully straining to find some shared solid ground to build a future on. Deep water indeed.

    Maurice and Louise.....after all his blustering, railing at life and cancer and loss, asleep on the sofa, Louise touches him and Maurice half smiles. Wonderful and redemptive, beautifully understated and yet so moving. Deep water shared.

    But most of all Alison and Paul......their marriage apparently broken beyond repair. Joe's condition has left them floundering in some of the deepest water life can throw at anyone. The camera lingers on Alison's face, so subtly and so beautifully she conveys the unspoken wish that Paul has realised as he looks at her that all they can ever hope to do is to share the impossibly deep water that life has edged them into.

    Total genius. And what an amazing song. I heard it for the first time yesterday and already I have it on my all time playlist. I have experienced some deep waters. I continue to do so today. Life is the ultimate mystery we can never fully understand. We are "blind humanity, paralysed and powerless to grasp the enormity of our love." But I too am blessed that I can ask my partner to "dip your hand in the water, the same deep water as me"

    Totally and utterly inspiring,
    1108944372on December 22, 2017   Link
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    General CommentSuch an amazing song. Its one of Kloots best. Creates such an atmosphere. Not sure why their other songs have been commented on but not this one.
    getmoonyon October 10, 2006   Link
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    General CommentAn immensely beautiful song...about hoping and praying for love, even though you know that love can hurt you more than anything:
    'You've been watching for cloudbursts
    You've been praying for rain
    Drench your soul in the water
    Cleanse your heart of the stain'
    (I think that all the mentioned water in this song is love, and he is telling her to stop waiting for love and just fall in love with him....hence 'dip your hands in the water, SAME deep water as ME')
    ledgendaryxpersonon December 17, 2006   Link
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    General Comment...but its boring.

    I mean, its beautiful I guess, but there's hardly any variation. It's more of a song you listen to when you need peace or reassurance, but not one you would listen to all the time.

    The lyrics are really beautiful, though. Like the best extended metaphor I've heard.
    secretlywishingon December 23, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis song boring? No way. It has just the right atmosphere to keep it interesting throughout the whole song - but hey, I listen to ambient which rarely has a variation in one tracks XD. When I hear this, my knees get weak man... I just can't stand up straight anymore. so touching.
    Boreqon May 17, 2010   Link
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    General CommentAnyone else think the title is a reference to The Cure's "The Same Deep Water As You" from Disintegration?
    ThomYorkeGuyGarvey92on December 31, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationThis song is used, appropriately in the series 'the A-word' (autism).
    The boy Joe sings along with the record at a moment there is a lot of family trouble. The father can't cope with his autism, wishes it away and feels he fails. His big sister feels too much responsibility and doesn't want to leave for university.

    I think this song means, don't allow your (negative) thoughts to overrule the love you feel. Let go of your fears and dramatic expectations, let love of life be the guide.

    It is a touching moment, for the beauty of the words and the song.
    Jepz11on December 19, 2017   Link
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    General CommentWhat more can be said. A beautiful, evocative song. It speaks for itself.
    rgallisonon October 16, 2006   Link

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