"Occasion Avenue" as written by and Andreas Deris....
What sight have you seen
Where you go already been
Then again you go through
Occasion Avenue

Sister, the day you sell your skin
(The gold of night is the gold of the blind)
Sister, the day your soul gives in
(You'll never find what you left behind)
Oh, oh, no matter what they do
Oh, oh, you got to go straight through
Occasion Avenue

Brother, dare not look left or right
(Coaxing your eyes, poisoning your mind)
Brother, don't stop or you must fight
(No indulgence or its death you'll find)
Oh, oh, you may not leave with doubt
Oh, oh, you may not take it to
Occasion Avenue

Follow your heart - Forrow your truth
Follow the path that shines for you
On Occasion Avenue
How far you go - How good you do
Uncovers the prize or rebears you
To Occasion Avenue

Domini, domini - Occasion Avenue - Domini Sancti
Satani, satani - Occasion Avenue - Satani mundi

Will there be tomorrow - Will there be the stars
Will there be a future - Time beats in our hearts
Or will there be the fire - Branding us his mark

Pray for all us people
Trying to solve the riddle
I don't know where we're going
I don't know if we're being true
On Occasion Avenue

Precious is your taking
For a little bit of faking
For a tiny slight deception
For some insincere affection
(TV: ...committed suicide in his New York Penthouse. He leaves no dependant so stay tuned for the latest news of "where do all the millions go").

Much be your power
By the essence of a flower
By seducement and cold rapture
By abusing mother nature
(TV: ...murdered close to old Berlin's Checkpoint Charlie. Police assumes just one more execution by competing drug cartels).

Great will be your status
When you know how to lick anus
When you lie and swindle ruthless
And your biggest hero's Judas
(TV: ...sentenced to 16 years for marriage imposture and order of murder to his current wife whose life assurance's worth one million pounds.)

Will there be tomorrow, Will there be the stars
Will there be a future, Time beats in our hearts
Will there still be laughter, Will there be relief
Will there be religion, Will there be belief

Will you see your people, From your former lifes
Will you know them this time, Will you win the prize
Will there be an ending, Will there be a start
Or will there be fire, Branding you his mark

I pray for all us people, Trying to solve the riddle
I don't know where we're going
I don't know if we're being true, On Occasion Avenue

Mother, I dreamt of my last life
(You'll never find what you left behind)
Mother, I killed you with my knife
(No indulgence or its death you find)

Oh, oh, we got to make it through, Occasion Avenue

Follow your heart, Follow your truth
Follow the path that shines for you
On Occasion Avenue
How far you go, How good you do
Uncovers the prize or rebears for you
To Occasion Avenue

Domini, domini - Occasion Avenue - Domini Sancti
Satani, satani - Occasion Avenue - Satani mundi

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"Occasion Avenue" as written by Andreas Deris

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    General CommentFor starters, Domini Sancti means Lords of Spirit in Latin, and Satani mundi means something along the lines of Satan possessed King of the world.

    Anyhoo, the feeling I get from this song is kind of about life and choices and such things. I get a bit of feelings from revelations as well, you know, what happens when we die, is there a heaven and hell. I think the meaning of the words "Occasion Avenue" is not so much in heaven and hell, but I think Occasion Avenue refers to the road of life, the path we walk, and where it leads us. Keep that in mind.

    The first part I think is kind of an introduction, we go through Helloween through the ages, and then we stop at this song, which talks about where you've been and where you're going, which can relate to Helloween's musical past and future, but going with the theme of the song, I would think that's also inclined towards life. So it's a good bridge between the intro and the song.

    The first part about the sister, the day you sell your skin, your soul gives in, I think that's could be talking about her being a whore, giving in to the gold of the night, no one knows that she's taking money for sex, but the Occasion Avenue part has me stumped, perhaps the road of life, and thinking about her choices and where they'll lead her.

    The brother seems like someone who's done something wrong and dares not get caught, the guilt poisons his mind. Again, careful of your decisions, lest they lead you to hell.

    So follow your heart, the truth, and the path left before you on Occasion Avenue (the road of life). How far you go, how good you do, will lead you to heaven if you're a good person, or hell if you're a sinner, it all depends on what you do on the road of life.

    The domini sancti and satani mundi kind of makes me think of this album in general with a bit of a concept because a lot of these songs seem to have a bit of a revelations touch, but the Helloween style revelations, and their story of the keys. King for a 1000 Years makes me think that satan is taking over with the help of the key, which brings me to satan possessed king of the world. Something to think about...

    Then it talks about will there be tomorrow, will there be stars, or fire, etc, which I think is saying, when we die will we live on, go to heaven, or will we burn in hell under satan's mark.

    The next part to me is pray for the people because if there is a heaven and hell, we can't figure it out, and we can't find out the truth, so in the road of life, we don't know what the reprocussions of our actions will be.

    Then we go to a darker part where he talks about taking and insincere affections, followed by a TV clip. Which brings me to the part where the sinners come in, being fake and greedy, taking their own lives. And as greedy people, we want to know what's going to happen to all the money of the man who comitted suicide (a sin of course).

    Then we have the people who destroy the environment, the desire to build and conquer takes over, and we have a TV clip about death in drug cartels. More sin, what is happening to us...

    The last is the ass kissers who are generally bad people, who think the Judas Priest was an awesome guy, the liars and theives. And there's the TV clip about the guy who killed his wife for her life insurance. Again... sin...

    From there we go back to what will happen when we die, will we go to heaven, or burn in hell for our sins.

    Will we see our friends, did we have other lives, will we know if we're going on, will we get to heaven, will our lives end and we go on to another life, either on earth or in heaven, a new start, or will we go to heaven to burn under satan's rule.

    Pray for the people because we don't know what will happen, we're so naive, and on the road of life we don't realize that our actions may haunt us for eternity.

    We've last got the mother part, the one who brought us into this world, to kill the one who brought you to this world, even though it might not be a literal killing, but more of a metaphor of what happened to the one she gave birth to, what a sinner he/she has become, killed her on the inside. No indulgence or its death you find...

    We've got to make it through the road of life... we have to follow our hearts and the truth, follow our path, because how far we go and how good we do will always come back to us in the path of life...

    Lords, lords, lords of spirit...
    Satan, satan, satan has possessed the mind of the king of the world...
    RainbowDemonon February 09, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI just noticed, I copied these lyrics straight from the book, but in the song, the first and last TV clips are backwards from what I have written here...
    RainbowDemonon February 09, 2006   Link
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    Song ComparisonWell, I think the name of the song is intentionally made sounding similar to the name of the Iron Maiden's "22 Acacia Avenue", the first part about "the sister" fits this nicely...
    profedon November 19, 2012   Link

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