Once was a sweet thang baby, held out love in our hands
Now I reach to kiss your lips the touch don't mean a thing
And that's a cold shot baby, yeah that's a drag
A cold shot baby, I let our love go bad

Remember the way that you loved me, do anything I said
Now I see you out somewhere you won't give me the time of day
And that's a cold shot darlin', yeah that's a drag
And that's a cold shot baby, we let our love go bad

I really meant I was sorry, for ever causin' you pain
You showed your appreciation by walkin' out anyway
And that's a cold shot baby, yeah that's a drag
And that's a cold shot baby, we let our love go bad

So sad, too bad, so sad
Don't let our true love run cold baby

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Cold Shot Lyrics as written by Wesley Clarke Michael Kindred

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Cold Shot song meanings
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    Unrequited Love from a Man who is watching his relationship slip through his hands.. No show affection could make her return.. Great Great Song.. RIP Stevie..
    duds11on January 18, 2008   Link
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    I think duds11 summary is spot on. I'm just shocked to see so few comments on this great song.
    MoogleDron December 26, 2009   Link
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    I came to this website because I wanted to know what a cold shot was. I found the definition below, which I have copied as it is already in the public domain on the internet. So it seems the couple in the song did not have enough power behind the beginning of their relationship to take it to greater heights, on the contrary it ditched at the end of the runway. \nI also think it\'s a great song, made greater by Stevie Ray Vaughan.\n"A \'cold shot\' refers to a steam-catapult launch from an aircraft carrier when the steam pressure is too low for the launch weight of the aircraft; on reaching the end of the deck, the aircraft is going too slowly for safe flight and may drop dramatically, or even (in extreme cases) ditch. If ditching is avoided, there follows an agonisingly slow climb away with the handle jammed forward and all the gauges pegged in a desperate attempt to gain height and speed."
    Labraskion February 26, 2022   Link

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