At school the teacher always stands up
we all sit down, positions of strength
listen at length, see the desire for change of placement
write fight poems in the basement.
there's no place like home. there's no place like home
there's no place like anywhere else let me roam
if I find myself between a hard place and a rock
that rock better move, it'll have to mace me to stop.
I walk my block like a decorated general,
talk my talk like I have big genitals
is there any other way for me to do my thing?
yes, but other ways always make stress
examine your position- see where you stand
most want power and never take a hand
land worth money, money worth work
works worth blood sweat and tears on your shirt.
pursue it like a police man chasing a cop killer
we do it all together make life iller
aspiring to politics, lie and serve.
let the bipartisan cart roll in and strike a nerve.
it's funding, finding ways of unbinding.
power, money, headaches, (resources)
it's people, people in unfortunate places wan to lash out.
but don't know where the fucking recourse is
in the system, our system, any other system
there's leaders followers and victims
shift 'em around like pieces from a game
it all stays the same
position of strength.

the actor on the stage
the teacher at the desk
celebrity paparazzi stalker bum
the soldier with the gun
the robber with the mask
leader follower

Go ahead and join the army what a selfless act.
to put yourself at the bottom of the chain like that
wait selfish, want to climb the chain of command
what's it matter? at the top you WILL understand
protect the peace,
protect my piece.
I've been working on defying my leash
at least you're free to join up
I'm free to go and play
we're both free to work our asses off any day.
so you work against the normal. boring
find alternative ventures, and start your exploring.
morals imposed,
don't let 'em stop you. from doing what you've gotta do
to get new clothes.
Al Capone thought like that, it worked for a while
enjoyed his fifteen minutes with a gun and a smile
should have been a Coke, times were too wild
powers pretty dope any means anyhow
there's always the small ones
lead to road rage
mad cause my cage is uglier than yo' cage
pave the way for balance and equality
everybody else follow me
position of strength.

Sometimes its clear like a pimp to a whore
and sometimes its effect don't know the cause anymore.
big fist little fist, red fish blue.
power and resentment, nothing's really new.
O'er the land of the free, and home of the slaves
many brave souls have changed the old ways (old ways)
there's still the pride in my step, the hype in my rep.
which is all you really got these days (these days)
Hustler make your money
mayor run your towns
winners make your speech and don't ever fall off (down)
losers make your peace and don't ever get clowned
the teacher always stands in a position of strength.

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