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I'll take one, 'cause I needed to feel it so much
I had an emotional crutch, but
I'm feeling bored so ill take some more
'Cause nothing is happening

And once you told me that you loved me so much
I foolishly began to trust, but
Now I'm ignored and I'm taking more, till
Something is happening.

I'll take one 'cause I needed to feel it so much
I needed that thing we call fun, but
Now I'm ignored and ill take some more, till
something is happening

Cause once I thought you were right here with me, so
Maybe I'll take two or three
Until I believe what I have seen is really happening.

Morpheus! how could you leave me when I had need of your love?
Stop holding back!
Give me one reason to think you're decent
When I am Alone

Don't you ever try to bring me back With this one I needed to feel you so much, I Wantingly longed for your touch, but
Now I'm ignored and I'm feeling bored
'till something is happening.

Because once I thought you were right here with me so
Maybe I should take two or three
Until I believe what I have seen is really happening

With this one I needed to feel you so much
I needed that thing we call fun, but
Now I'm ignored and I'm feeling bored till something is happening.

And once I thought you were right here with me, so
Maybe I'll take two or three
Until I believed that what I have seen is really happening.

No no more
God Morpheus why did you leave me when I had need of your love
No holding back now! Give me the real thing!
I've got a reason
When I am alone

Don't you ever try to take me back.

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Overdose song meanings
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    General Commentwhat i feel is that its about a woman, who said that she loved him, which he believed and fell in love with her, but afterwards she left him for another guy and hes taking drugs because he cant believe its happening.
    Juha.on January 15, 2008   Link
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    General CommentA memory for those of us sick and suffering, Hurt has sung us a familiar scene.

    The meaning of this song is isolated when the narrator speaks to Morpheus, his God, his dependence.

    Some of us want to believe it's about a girl - which is why this song is artful - but it is not, it's about drugs. I am uncertain if the drug is referring to a sleep meds (bec Morpheus is the god of dreams), or if it referring to opiates (specifically morphine, whose name is based on Morpheus). Either way, both options being sedatives, the sufferer is yearning for a return to a past feeling ("the real thing") of sedation - when the dream/high is so intense that he is convinced it is reality.

    The chronology of the narrator's suffering is debatable. One can say that he is about to take his first dose; or the song begins mid-story, when the sufferer has already experienced this alternative reality. "Cause nothing is happening" can refer to inexperience when using a drug for the first time, or the need to escape right away when dependent. Either way, it's early in his new addiction bec he starts of taking just one dose.

    This familiar scene continues with the torture and insanity of addiction, pleading self-justification and frustration as a drive to use more and more.

    My comments are incomplete and used to help framework the scene. We all hear this song differently, which is why it is artful.

    I want to end off by also saying that it is unclear if the sufferer is begging for his addiction to end or for his dream/high to never end. It could also be both, in either order, since the lyrics change from "don't you ever try to bring me back" to "don't you ever try to take me back."

    ---sick and suffering
    neversmokeon December 04, 2016   Link
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    General Commentfucking love it ... man i love Hurt, very different but still good.
    Brookilishon July 04, 2006   Link
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    General Commentprobably my favotrite hurt songs ,great song ,like plasticpeople said its about drug addiction
    sublime93on July 11, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti love this song. i love how the man repeats his words over and over and is trying to justify his overdose. I used this because she didnt want me, because i believe she wanted me for a second and i wanted it to be real. So he drugs up on everything he can think of, so that in his mind, he'll believe that she is his. But what does Morpheus tie into this? Hurt has alot of allusions in their writing. not to mention: drugs(of any kind) are a way to kill boredom. The way he repeats himself though kinda mimicks the way a person responds when they're on something. hes begging for attention. and you can tell towards the end, his voice becomes weaker and more stressed. He's breaking down.
    RockerxChickx915on March 03, 2007   Link
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    General CommentNow i completely agree, with the idea before, but personally i feel the meaning being expanded from just a girl, to a man's God. Mostly comeing from many of other of Hurts songs which seem to be both talking about a man's girl and a man's God. I think the narrator is going through some major type of depression/bi-polar and and feels he can never acheive happies and"needing that thing we call fun" he escapes his pain and rejects his Gog for the god Morphious (drugs) and his wonderful dream that has made him feel better in the past, but now he is addicceted and built up a resistance, which drives him to overdose.
    My main idea is that it has to be dealing with an unexpected revelation of a seemingly inpersonal and non-responsive God, and now he blames him. He begins to reject all the notients of a benevolent God, and ask for "one reason to think that [God is] decent"
    Frenzy54on May 16, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis song brings up many meanings for me. It is also very relevant to my situation at the moment (being ignored by someone I like).

    The question pertaining to Morpheus is a hard one. In my opinion, when he is talking to Morpheus and attacking is because morpheus isn't supllying him with any more dreams, seeing as morpheus primarily presents visions of humans in dreams (his lover).

    The overdose part may be tied to sleeping pills, as he wants to escape to his dreams where he can see her again (although, as mentioned before, Morpheus is denying him this).

    Then towards the end he is justifying his 'drug' use and giving morpheus a reason to present him with an image of his lover by saying

    "No holding back now! Give me the real thing!
    I've got a reason
    When I am alone"
    watlolon February 03, 2008   Link
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    General Commentthis one is my fave of both volumes...eveything bout this one frm music to lyrics to the voice of J. makes u believe in his sufferin and how mad he feels...
    BadboY86on February 14, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI believe this song is about someone who has been left or hurt by a partner, and as a result is taking drugs. Morpheus is a reference to the drug Morphine. I think this is one of the best on the album, apart from Rapture and Danse Russe. So that's my interpretation, I love the band and all their music.
    imdaman1991on May 09, 2008   Link
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    My OpinionThe meaning of this one's pretty simple, I guess. I've never heard such a depressing, amazing, beautiful, gut-wrenchingly emotional band. They're one of my favourite bands ever, if not my favourite, and always will be.
    ALittleBitteron February 08, 2009   Link

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