The cops are hanging around the house
The cars outside look like they've got the blues
The moon don't know if it's day or night
Everybody's creeping around with plastic covers on their shoes
You're making coffee for everyone concerned
Someone points to this and someone points to that
Everyone is saying that you should lie down
But you ain't having none of that

And I say to the sleepy summer rain
With a complete absence of pain
You might think I'm crazy
But I'm still in love with you

Hide your eyes, hide your tears,
Hide your face, my love
Hide your ribbons, hide your bows
Hide your coloured cotton gloves
Hide your trinkets, hide your treasures
Hide your neatly scissored locks
Hide your memories, hide them all
Stuff them in a cardboard box
Or throw them into the street below
Leave them to the wind and the rain and the snow
For you might think I'm crazy
But I'm still in love with you

Call me up, baby, and I'll answer your call
Call me up but remember I am no use to you at all

Now, you're standing at the top of the stairs
One hand on the banister, a flower in your hair
The other one resting on your hip
Without a solitary care
I fall to sleep in the summer rain
With no single memory of pain
And you might think I'm crazy
But I'm still in love with you

Lyrics submitted by stanlavisbad2, edited by Mellow_Harsher

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    Song MeaningI generally agree with yukfoo. He committed suicide at home. The only difference I have is I believe their relationship was over. She was going to move on but he could not, so he decided to kill himself.

    She might think he's crazy because he still loves her even after the breakup has driven him to kill himself. Perhaps she did something to hurt him.

    He did not kill himself to free her but to free himself from his feeling of loss. He did not kill himself to hurt her and that is why he tells her to either hide her feelings and memories of him or simply toss them into the street.
    ShootTheM14on July 08, 2009   Link
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    General Commentamazing song!
    MSboyon June 01, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think Morbid Moraq's interpretation is correct but I don't think she necessarily killed him, it just seems he died. It rather seems like people pity his wife, like it was some tradgic accident, maybe he commited suicide, maybe because she did something to him that should have made him stop loving her, but even after ending his own live because of the pain inflicted by her, he still loves her. This is of course something between the wife and the man, not know to the people who pities the wife and tells her to "lay down". It's a really good song
    jabe05on November 10, 2008   Link
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    General CommentHe's dead, isn't he? There's been a murder, hence the cops & the forensics people with plastic covers on their shoes. It seems the woman he loves has killed him, which is why he's crazy to still love her, & why he feels no pain, & why he's no use to her. "Call me up" - not, as you might think, on the phone but as you call up a ghost or a memory. Very strange song, rather moving.
    morbid moragon June 10, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationI agree that the narrator is dead, and I think, like jabe05 said, it was a suicide.

    I get the impression that he killed himself at home, and that's why the cops are in the house, investigating. Maybe she found him? She's numb and doesn't know how to feel or what to do, so she's acting automatically, being a good host, with the coffee, trying to answer the questions.

    I think that the narrator killed himself to, in his own eyes, unburden her. That’s what I get from the “You might think I'm crazy…but I'm still in love with you” line. She can’t help thinking that he left her because he doesn’t love her anymore, but he’s trying to say it was out of love that he did this.

    The whole section on hiding her memories and mementos is, in my mind, the narrator telling her to move on, to forget about him, do what she has to “Stuff them in a cardboard box. Or throw them into the street below” to get on with her life, but if she really needs him, all she has to do is remember the happy times “Call me up, baby, and I'll answer your call. Call me up but remember I am no use to you at all” and he’ll be with her in spirit at least.

    The last verse where she’s standing at the top of the stairs makes me think she has accepted it, either his death or his gesture, I’m not sure, and as a result of this, he lets himself move on “I fall to sleep in the summer rain” has changed from speaking to the sleepy summer rain.
    yukfooon February 11, 2009   Link
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    General CommentContrary to what everyone else seems to think, that he commited suicide, I think that it is she that has committed suicide... hence the throwing away of her things into the street to try and forget. This also explains the "you must think I'm crazy, but I'm still in love with you"... he's in love with someone who has passed on...
    matt101534on July 17, 2015   Link

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