Flying around
The houses at night
Flying alone

A teenage spaceship
I was a teenage spaceship
Landing at night

I was beautiful with all my lights
Loomed so large on the horizon
So large, people thought my windows
Were stars
So large on the horizon
People thought my windows
Were stars

A teenage spaceship
A teenage spaceship

And I swore I'd never lay like a log
Bark like a dog

I was a teenage smog
Sewn to the sky

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    My InterpretationI think this song speaks about his teenage years (and all of ours, for that matter) and how we all feel so freaking incredible at that age. We feel so magical, so strong and new, and yet so innocent, confused, fragile and afraid. How do you spend your time as a teenager? Doing nothing! Except driving around the neighborhood and just "hanging out."

    We're like a spaceship in the sky -- as teenagers, we like to think that no one really knows anything about us (U.F.O's), but in our minds we also like to think that the world centers around us, and everyone sees us as a beautiful star in the night sky. In our minds, we're awesome. We'll never "lay down like a dog, or bark like a dog" because we have that stubborn, teenage rebelliousness to be ourselves, and we tell ourselves we'll never change, only to realize later in our years that being yourself is one of the hardest things to achieve in this busy crazy world.
    thelistener21on March 01, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThat's a very well thought out interpretation, thelistener21, and I do mostly agree with it. I would like to add a couple things, though. I think that one of the most striking aspects of the song is how spacious it is. While Bill and his (relatively sparse) guitar are really up front in the mix, there is this guitar ambience in the background throughout the entire song. To me the two contrasting elements seem to suggest a great distance/space. This fact, coupled with lyrics like "flying alone" seem to suggest of the isolation and loneliness of being a teenager.

    I also think the lyrics seem to suggest that his spaceship was actually the house that he grew up in, which would add to the idea of isolation and loneliness. Maybe that while he was isolated from peers, he was exploring his imagination and/or that people thought he was enigmatic?
    RobotRockon March 13, 2012   Link
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    General CommentIn the context of the Knock Knock relationship, this song is about him wanting his "freedom" back. He's thinking about his early recording days and teenage years. He's romanticising who he was as a young person, not pinned down by the constraints of "moving to the country to start a "family" or have a "baby"

    He's pining for those feelings again.

    He swore he'd never "lay like a log or bark like a dog." He wants out of the relationship.
    figuranton August 20, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationPerhaps it is a reach, but I believe this song is about a teenage death, maybe even a suicide, or contemplation of death by a teenager, due to teen depression and isolation. Think it is a reach ? Let’s analyze.

    First of all, the slow, droning guitar suggests an air of desolation and sadness. Therefore, it is definitely not about anything positive in being a teenager.

    Now, to analyze the lyrics, line by line:

    “Flying around the houses at night. Flying alone.”

    This is an extraordinarily powerful image. It conjures images of the houses of a neighborhood at night, with the yards and streets very quiet in the darkness. Yet some houses may have lights shining through their windows, with people and activity inside. Still, outside in the night it is quiet and still. The teenager, whether only imagining in his mind, or maybe even walking the quiet streets and seeing the houses where other people are together, is contemplating these houses from the outside, envisioning groups of friends, even parties or social activities of which he is not a part of. The teen is “flying alone”, excluded, maybe even ostracized, and definitely experiencing the loneliness of a sad teenager.

    “A teenage spaceship. I was a teenage spaceship. Landing at night.”

    The image of the spaceship conjures the image of being, not only alone, but being of a great distance from others, and furthermore, in a shell within himself. The “landing at night” imagery may suggest that at night, his day, and life itself for him, ends, while the social life of others continues.

    “I was beautiful with all my lights”

    Is this a positive image ? The teenager in loneliness sees the good in himself, but if only others could see it. The teen assesses that if only others would give him a chance, he would have positive aspects to offer, maybe loyalty and friendship, kindness and compassion. Again, if only others could see it. If only he wasn’t alone in his shell and so distant from others.

    “Loomed so large on the horizon”

    The imagery of being “on the horizon” has long been an image of death or passing from this world, in literature and film. Once the teenager had died, then people noticed him. Or, perhaps the teenager is merely musing upon the idea that if he died, then people would notice him.

    “So large, people thought my windows were stars”

    As often occurs, if a person, such as a teenager, meets an untimely death, that person is not only noticed, but the attention that is given is often overly positive, even to the level of saintly praise. “He really was such a good person” and “He will be missed by everyone” are often the superlatives that are offered. Maybe in this case, the teenager hasn’t actually died, but is contemplating how people would think of him if he did.

    “So large on the horizon. People thought my windows were stars. A teenage spaceship. A teenage spaceship”

    Repeating the sentiment for emphasis.

    “And I swore I'd never lay like a log, bark like a dog”

    Often when someone says “I swore I would never…” is an indication that the person did. In this case is it the imagery of, say, being humiliated, maybe ostracized, ridiculed, or maybe he even humiliated himself in the process of trying to gain acceptance or make friends.

    “I was a teenage smog. Sewn to the sky”

    He is now a teenage ghost or spirit, and also a faint and distant and forgotten memory to others. The image of being sown to the sky is that he has departed from Earth, now forever a resident of the heavens. Yet another image of death, or maybe as a teenager, he wished it was so.

    In short, the imagery of this song is of a teenager (like so many) who are on the outside, looking in. Furthermore, that separation is great, and the teenager is encased in a shell of loneliness, shyness and fear. While the teenager sees the beauty in himself, he feels that others do not, unless of course, through death, or some passing, people would see that beauty in him, whether he has actually died, or is only contemplating the idea in his mind. Still, his distance from others has left him with feelings of humiliation and even a level of regret. This is a sad, yet hypnotically beautiful song, nonetheless.
    phil101545on March 19, 2017   Link

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