Bury the switchblade a foot deep in snow
Silence is golden
She loved him, you know
Fold up his good shirts and dust off his robe
The violence is over, they told her so
Is it over? Is it over, I said, is it over? Is it?
Her mind tears asunder the heartstrings below
Years go by, still she cannot break the code
The trauma has severed the flesh from the bone
Guilt weighs so heavily on her soul
Is it over? Is it over, I said, is it over? Is it?
Veins stretched tight over a heart blue and cold
Silence is made of gold
Hurt is to have and to hold
This is what she has been told
Is it over? Is it over, I said, is it over? Is it?
Someone speaks softly through the horror and pain:
"Love has gone, but it could come again."
Spring arrives quietly, warming her skin
Her heart, now red, is beating again
Oh, it's over

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    General CommentHannah Fury's Wicked songs are so perfect to the characters in the book. She is true to the characters and further brings them to life.

    The first part of the song is about the character Sarima. Sarima is Fiyero's wife through an arranged marriage. Although they have children together there never seems to have be great love between them. Marriage was more of a practical matter. Sill Sarima waits for his return. She seems an unquestioning soul and believes what she is told.

    The second part speaks of Elphaba. The "Wicked Witch of the West". She is guided much more by her determination to break the hold of the corrupt system that governs OZ than by her own feelings and emotions. Still she loved Fiyero and feels guilt and responsibility for his death. They were after all looking for her. She embraces her pain and anger as that is really all she has to hold on to.

    The final portion is also about Elphaba. There was something that happened that raised her hopes that maybe Fiero was still alive and would return. Her heart hopes this is the case but it was not to be.
    Kalkion June 23, 2008   Link
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    General CommentKalki, I like your analysis of the song. I hadn't considered that the first part is about Sarima. I can see that, with the part about folding up his clothes. But I wondered who the "she"s and who the "I" in the song are...

    Sometimes, it seems to me like Glinda could be singing and reflecting about her own involvement in Fiyero's death (I think she had him killed). She is saying to bury the switchblade, and keep silent. I think "she loved him, you know" is refering to our dear Elphaba.

    I think the "I" in the song is Glinda, asking herself if all the voilence is really over. Or perhaps asking if the deed (killing Fiyero) is done. Or maybe he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time...I dunno.

    But Hannah surely expresses the torment that Elphaba felt, years of it. It's very sad. She was so alone. OK I'm going to cry now.
    katiechaoson June 23, 2008   Link
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    General CommentInteresting Katie. I still think the first part is about Sarima. Even the "she loved him, you know". Their marriage may have been arranged but She Love Him, You Know.. lol The part about folding up his clothes I am sure is Sarima. I think she always kept things ready for his return.

    I think both Sarima and Elphaba were asking themselves if it is over. They were caught up in something bigger than themselves. Sarima obviously had no control over the situation and the situation got out of hand for Elphaba.

    I could be dead wrong but I do not see Glinda in this song. I think Glenda was controlled by a spell and had very little clue that she was being used as a pawn. I think Hannah is switching from 3rd to 1st person in the lyrics and that is where the "I" comes from.
    Kalkion June 23, 2008   Link

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