listening to strawberry wine
for the 131st time
it was 1987 and it was spring
it's 1987 all the time
now it's 1987 all the time
well we were there
too thin too fair
downing your third drink
standing at arm's length
in the square
just off
a mildly successful
killing rampage
where good writers go
to find one thing
and stick with it

oh life
is bigger
than a life on the run
from the united states
and her friends
on this night
made of jewels

it took three
to peel em off the streets of the town
she's named after
dragging the lagoon was a disaster
they found him alive and
relatively well

well some situations
seek redressing
some songs just
go testing, testing,
i took a picture
i was sick of motion

and wore her watercolours into the ocean
and wore her watercolours into the ocean

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    General CommentI have this album and I'm looking through the lyrics right now. It's "Were you even there?". It's pretty obvious if you listen to the song, too, that's why I decided to check.
    Oggranakon April 07, 2011   Link
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    General CommentSo mellow and laidback.
    laurentertainingon March 24, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIs this about that Italian serial killer "the Monster" or whatever he was called?

    I can't help but think it might be.
    lepidoptera3on June 30, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI belive Bajar is looking back on a memory from when he was much younger, naive and carefree. More precisly the memory of a break up, or a girl that was
    in his life. He references the song "Strawberry wine" Written by My bloody valentine. A song thats about a break, and listening to it " 131" times
    is evidence enough he must be feel some conection to it. The line " Now it's 1987 all the time: Suggestes
    he's reliving the momment and over again, as if he cant move past it.

    " A mildly successful killing rampage, where good writters go to find one thing and stick with it"

    This makes me think of the idea that many artists/writters feel more free and open to be creative while drinking or taking drugs.

    " Oh life is bigger than a lide on the run from the united states and her friends on this night made of jewels"

    I guess this can be taken many different ways. Bajar himself is quoted saying that sometimes he just writes what sounds nice and that it doesnt always have
    some deeper meaning. So i have attached my own meaning. The united states is thought of as a very powerful country and i think hes uses it as a metaphor for
    this girl. She has a lot of control over him and will declare war on him at any time. from the first few lines she seems like a very ______ person. So i
    guess what hes saying is there are otherthings out there then trying to make it work with such a recluse, then cowering before her. The fact that he
    say the united states AND her friends also gives me strong reason to belive this. " Jewel" suggests rare beauty, seen by the eye but cold and hard to
    the touch, and "night" which is a running motif throughout his albums even naming one "this night", under these circumstances is a time of solitude and
    thinking. So its like he can see straight now.

    As he says in the nest few lines " It took three carabinieri to peel him off the streets of the town
    she's named after.
    Dragging the lagoon was a disaster.
    They found him alive and relatively well..."
    He admitting he was prety messed up over this girl. Carabinieri are the Italian police, and althoug he doesnt say it im assuming he's drunk and thats why
    hes being "peeled" off the street.
    The fact that it took three police officers to get him up, it gives us the images of a very intoxiacated person. As well him saying he was in the town 'she'
    was na,ed after we understand she's the resons for his drunkeness which we can connect with his depression over this girl. And maybe hes wanting to feel
    some closeness to her, even if it is just exploring the town shes named after.

    Although i belive this song to be somewhat auto biographical, halfway through the song insteand of referring to himself in the first person he starts
    referring to "him". I think hes still referring to himself, just in the third person because it was a time period where he wasnt "himself", hes become
    a different person.
    As well in the following lines hes says,
    "dragging the lagoon" Which makes me think of death or a missing person, which would be him. Drunk and lost, self distructive, he cant find himself.
    The lagoon reference makes me think of errie, dirty and sludgy water. So maybe thats his way of saying it was hard but i made it out.

    As he ends the song ,

    "some situiations seel redress,
    some songs just go testing, testing
    i took a picture; i was sick of motion"

    hes saying some things need to be reprementded, somethings just dont go anywhere.
    I was sick of chasing you around and feeling this way, i need to figure myself out.
    It makes me thinkg of something else as well,
    When your really drunk and you get the "spins", so i think hes also saying "okay this is enough i cant feel this way anymore, i canr drink away my problems
    i need a change"
    Its interesting he'd use picture because we take pictures to remember things, its almost ironic because hes trying to forget.

    As he ends the song repeating over and over,

    "wore her water colours into the ocean, and wore her water colours into the ocean"

    its as if she were painted onto him, a part of him and he has cleansed himself og her. The ocean is thought of as a large mysteriouse space, uncharted.
    So its almost a metaphor for life without her, for leaving her and slowly it "dilutes" her "water colours" till he doesnt have her painted onto himself
    anymore. Although he has rid himself of the girl no matter how diluted water colours are they're still faintly there.

    We see now hes starts referring to himself in the first person again. Could it be he has overcome his depression and is somwhat back to the person
    he was before.


    the song was first called song for Acurla (water color) which ended with the line

    " call me morbid, call me pale"

    Which is a line from the smiths song, "ha;f a person" also apearing in 1987.

    Bajar was 15.
    a.tragedyon September 24, 2007   Link
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    General Commentwow that was long
    a.tragedyon September 24, 2007   Link
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    General CommentSome situations seek redress
    Some songs go testing, testing
    I took a picture; I was sick of motion

    And wore her watercolours into the ocean

    Bejar could be speaking of three different modes (of reflection): reflection appearing as—or, at least desiring—the end (“redress”), as the beginning (could also be a reference to music, before the jam/playing the ballad, there is “testing, testing”) and as the middle, when he says

    I took a picture

    This line is an extension of “listening to strawberry wine 131 times”.. it is love (even if a painful memory) being played back over and over.. “I took a picture; I was sick of motion” really is ironic because we take pictures in order to capture a memory.. when we hit the shutter, we freeze the motion.. but, when we look at the picture (reflection), the motion, what we’ve captured, becomes eternal…we describe pictures (in English, anyway, don’t know about other languages) in the continuous…

    Instead of arriving at love’s end, or flirting with its beginning, he (the voice of Bejar) is trapped in the middle of love… the voice of love speaks, as if in media res, but

    I was sick of motion

    And wore her watercolours into the ocean

    this could be sublimation—the pain of “131 times” being turned into art.. the speaker “took a photo” (he remembered; we take photos in order to remember things), the memory of her (“watercolours”) and brought it (“wore”) to the canvas (“the ocean”).. he remembered “131 times” and painted a picture…here, then, is resolution, but it becomes—like the photograph—ironic: if art is sublimation, the painted picture is a tragic extension... he’s painted a picture (“wore her watercolours into the ocean”) and that’s what we are left with—a picture to look at, a paradox… the paradox of art.

    or simply, it could be Bejar saying “F-it, I’m tired of thinking (“sick of motion”), so I’ll just drink it away (“ocean” becomes booze)

    I take pictures and this part is easily my favorite off the song.

    Bejar is so aware of it.. I love it.
    laughing_manon July 25, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI was listening to this song today and I was struck by how reminiscent the imagery is of Al Stewart's "The Year of the Cat."
    A foreign country. A mysterious person/woman/story. A whirlwind adventure.

    Dan: "And wore her watercolours into the ocean."
    Al: "She comes out of the sun in a silk dress running like a watercolor in the rain."
    Gmaj7on August 11, 2011   Link
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    General Comment"Ohhhhhhhh, life, is bigger..." probably came from REM's "Losing My Religion"? The time gap between "life" and "is" makes it sounds very similar as well.
    XSIon October 18, 2018   Link

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