Brown paper bags metal cans.
Sixty degrees fahrenheit.
We can't see the stars tonight
‘cause apartments generate ambient light
And I'm sorry that we're not already drunk.

Hours later we're getting there
Meters away from the shore
My forty of Corona is just
drops away from being kicked
And I don't know what I'm gonna be tomorrow.

When you stayed overnight making out with a stranger
in the bottom of a boat that belonged to a stranger
and you came home at six in the morning
after being caught ass naked by the dude who threw the party
I thought that we'd never grow up.
I thought that we'd never grow up.

Now all my friends rise at eight.
They go to sleep before midnight.
And I just wanna drink 'til three
Embarrassing myself publicly.
And you all used to be just like me
You fuckers used to be just like me.

So now I sit and stew alone.
Everyone's already sleeping.
Everybody's moved away
and can pay their bills on time.
No one else is making a hundred and ten bucks for twenty hours.
God I hate this fucking place.
God I hate what happened to me.
You promised we'd stay best of friends.
But we can't 'cause I just can't grow up.

And it kills me. Yeah it kills me
that I don’t know what I can do.
I can’t breathe correctly and
I can’t sleep or anything and
I can’t think of anything I can’t think of anything.

Now every night is miserable.
So sad I can't even get drunk.
So let's go out just one last time.
Let's finish off a box of wine.
Do shots of yukon jack and lime.
Can we drink 'til I fucking die?

I'll make you party at my funeral
'Cause mourning is for suckers.
I'll rent a ferris wheel and
cotton candy machine and have open bar
with all the Pabst that you can drink
the PA blasting my Clash records.
You'll finally know that life's okay
Even when bad things happen.

So just one more beer, then grow up.
So just one more beer, then grow up.
So just one more beer.
Go to work.
Pay your bills.
Eat a dick.
One more beer, THEN grow up.

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    General CommentJefferson: It's pretty depressing to come back home from the life of living day to day and showing up in new places and having everyone pay attention to you and think you're this big awesome shit and being a part of that whole working thing again. When I was writing this, I was applying to about fifty jobs a week and getting no responses, which as someone who took out a lot of loans to go to school so this WOULDN'T happen, it just killed me. Oddly enough, all my friends from school seemed to be doing really well all my friends in bands seem to be doing really well with their bands and I'm still living with my parents and working in a basement for minimum wage because I can't afford to lose the job and ask for a raise. So, I was thinking about all of this shit and that Against Me! song "8 Full Hours of Sleep" was stuck in my head and I wanted to write a song like that really badly. Eventually, this song ended up being one of the very few songs I have that show that I listen to Neutral Milk Hotel and the Arcade Fire. The words are partially about a friend of mine who has done some amazing things when she drank. They're also partially about drinking unholy amounts and still not getting drunk which is the WORST feeling ever. Not much electric guitar in this song, quite a bit of fuzz bass... I used an amp called the Kasino Fever which has an insane amount of fuzz on it... the kind of fuzz that just can't be contained sometimes. Also, I used a set of resonator bells that used to be owned by Tommy Dorsey which is pretty crazy. OK. That's enough I bet.
    KeasbyKnightson February 20, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti lovee this song. it's like contagious. the first time i heard it i HAD to download it. it's the best BtMi song in my opinion. =]
    rewiind miistakeson July 29, 2006   Link

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