Babe, if you want it then just say so.
Babe, if you want it then just say.

We've been taking for a while,
learning each other
holding certain glances longer than others
giving subtle cues
when things trouble you I bring the other colors
when you're stuck with the blues
at least that's the way that I do it in my daydream
although I know things ain't always what they seem
I mean, I guess I'm just giving resistance
cause what if you only really like me from a distance?
Is this just my imagination?
thinking of you night and day
I try to talk but often it does not come out The Right Way

I might seem like I'm jokin',
seem like I'm playin'
sometimes I get flustered with utter frustration
over analytical,
too much contemplation
when everything is up for interpretation
I go home to try to be (cold to?)
but to be blunt and up front,
all I'm really saying is:

Babe, if you want it then just say so.
Babe, if you want it then just say.

I see you at all the parties that I go to
but that doesn't seem to be the best way to know you
can we step outside maybe go for a ride
cause I got few things about you to confide
I drive a little slower when I go past your house
if I don't see you around I wonder where you're hiding out
we don't say much but- we say it all
my adoration of you got me pinned against the wall
you leave me tongue tied,
and mesmerized
but up to the challenge I'm about to rise
'cause it that seems that you and me got this unspoken language
what to do next, girl, I'm filled with anguish
but I'm unapologetic for the way that I feel
and uninterested in keeping it concealed
and, yes it's true you got mad sex appeal
but I can tell you honestly, I don't want to play the field
or any of those other- cat and mouse games
cause it's you that I wanna to put in my picture frame
I don't want to pretend
or put up pretenses
and I'm not too good at riding fences
so you gotta let me know,
one way or the other
should I be up front
or should I stay undercover?

Babe, if you want it then just say so.
Babe, if you want it then just say.

If you want my body,
and you think I'm sexy
it can make me feel like you will
love and respect me
check me out, look me over
don't ever worry 'bout me giving you the cold shoulder
cause I'm- nice to you
cause I'm- right with you
and if I don't make a move then
somebody else might get you
and I can't let it happen,
as bad as I want you
I'm so mad attracted
I have to go where I'm drawn to
and that's your direction,
I'm headin' down your street
I'll be knockin' on your door
I hope you're ready for me!

Babe, if you want it then just say so.
Babe, if you want it then just say.

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