There are hatchet homes for howling souls
Where the gravel slides right off the roads
And the sun don't shine it only scolds
Electricity jumps from pole to pole

You wake up there and your hearts a mess
You've got to get what's eating you off your chest
For even a ghost could use some rest
From never-ending terror

You've got skeletons spilling out of your drawers
And your tongue's swollen from biting down so hard
You say it aint true but you know that you are
The one they're all spilling for

So you run as if you could slice through the air
Then you turn to see the past is still right there
And she's running her fingers through the waves in your hair
Whispering go ahead and try and escape me

You've got to get wise to your size 'cause you're crawling
Can't quite call them blue skies at all my friend
And the sun will rise or set
With your hope or regret

So how come you whisper why not let out a scream
Why open the road when you can float on a stream
You've got to go down in the dirt if you want to come up clean
What happened to your confidence and charisma

I can hear your voice now floating in the sky
Talking about truth and the lies that it implies
Beauty is your umbrella and you always hold it high
To shield you from the shower of dissension

All the chaos-tongues and the rattling teeth
Predict the future so digest your grief
For even a ghost could stand to loose some sleep
Over never-ending terror

Now there's a statue in every square or park
For teenagers to mutilate after dark
Saying this is that of which we want no part
With piss and spit and spray-paint

You've got to aim high if you want to bring down Goliath
Because it aint just a stone when it aint just one life
And the sun will rise or set
With your hope or regret

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