"Sister" as written by and Adam/warfield Bravin....
She smelled like 2 am
Took him back to her place
Where all the saints adorned the walls.
To never ending from grace
He knew he should leave
And this could only turn cold
She was a bad bad girl
So he told her so

Under the shadows engulfed
He had the whisper of lust
He said 'no touching tonight'
She closed her eyes in his trust
She said 'tuck me in'
He knew his judgment was sound
Still he pulled back the sheets
And said

You better lie down 'cause the angels are watching
She closed her eyes and said with the talking
'you can hurt me do whatever you like'

Her every word was in italics
As it would fall from her lips
The walls were made of broken promises
He hoped this wouldn't be his.
She said 'tell me what to do'
He knew right then he was done
Felling lonely and confused
He said

'you better lie down the angels are watching'
She closed her eyes and said with the talking
'you can hurt me do whatever you like'
So he said 'shut your mouth girl the angels are listening'
She crossed herself now the moments are missing
'you can hurt me do whatever you like'

glancing through the curtain
Questions unheard of
She spoke in third person
And he had seen everyone
Awkward and embittered
Said 'shut the door when you go'
Perhaps he should've reconsidered (oh no)
When he said

You better lie down the angels are watching
She closed her eyes and said with the talking
'you can hurt me do whatever you like'
So he said 'shut your mouth girl the angels are listening'
She crossed herself now the moments are missing
'you can hurt me do whatever you like'

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"Sister" as written by Adam Bravin Justin Warfield

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    General Commenti think this song is about a girl trying to seduce a guy. but he doesn't feel right about it.
    girlscout.on January 29, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIt makes me think of the end of the night, when your takin a girl home (2am) and your sobering up and you know that you should just go home, but the girl wants you to stay. In this case she's a catholic girl (maybe even a nun) too...and he's doubting his actions as he finally goes against his instincts. This girl is messed up and he's fully aware of it, he doesn't want to contribute to her already built up emotional baggage, but he gives into her lust. The chorus is the whole action.

    The last part makes me think that she might have had multiple personalities (spoke in third person) and he had no idea how deeply she was troubled (questions unheard of) finally he saw the whole picture and realized why she acted the way she did (he saw everyone) and now he feels like shit for what he's let himself do.

    I don't know I'm just guessing, but its a beautifully vivid song.
    cjm Monkayon February 03, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthe songs about a religous girl that brings this guy home for a little fun but i think they were both drunk and as he got into her house and saw the "saints that adorneed the walls" he starts rethinking it cuz he starts thinking that she's a nun. a sister and that itd be wrong...all the while considering that he could be oh so good...it says thats she's talking in 3rd person ...well she's drunk self explanatory plus i do that all the time sober or not... The girl is still drunk and interested but realizes he's backing out of "the plan" and she gets desperate " you can hurt me do whatever you like" and offers him anything but he still refuses and starts trying to calm her down and talk her out of it by talking of the angels that are watching...and then she gets fed up and basically tells him to leave and close the door behind himself he does leave but he really wishes he had reconsidered what he had reconsidered...cuz sleeping with a sister was appealing now. thats just my interpretation but i suck at this..
    MonosyllabicOneon February 27, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think it's about a good girl who is trying to act all bad, and the guy doesn't feel like he should be with her, because he knew she would regret it someday, since she 'smelled like 2am', which could refer to alchohol... who knows, i could be wrong... ew, there's a dead fly stuck in the keyboard now... sorry, randomness...
    dignityseizureon August 08, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThe title: Sister < obviously about either a nun (most positive) or a catholic girl

    And what makes people think they don't do sexytime? There is no place where there is a slight word indicating that?

    First stanza is easy to figure out. It's night, it's 2am, they go back to her place, her room. He figures out she is verry religious with all those things on the walls, which she prays to (Deliverivering her from grace) < SHE IS RELIGIOUS.
    He knows it's a pretty stupid thing to fuck this girl, but he can't really shake the feeling of wanting sex(sex!sex!sex!) So he starts the durty talking "You're a bad bad girl!" (double references, reffered to she is a bad girl for doing something like that at her position. But also a dirty way of talking, though a cliché)
    So they are lying there in bed and thinking "what if??" (under the shadows of doubt). He starts the dirty talk.
    He tries hard not to do it, saying "no touching TONIGHT", meaning he wants to, just trying to take it slow. And she know what he wants to, but trust him. She tests him, saying "Tuck me in", she wants him to hold her while they lie in bed. It's just too much, he gets too aroused, and throw the sheet on the floor, knowing it is just wrong!

    Which leads to the chorus:
    What is the most fun part about sex? Doing it places that's just wrong to fuck in. In this case, in a room full of religion and rules saying "no sex before marriage!"
    So he says "Shut your mouth girl the angels are watching", playing the dominant malely animal. She plays along, closing her eyes and letting him do whatever he wants. (sex!sex!sex!)

    Second stanza:
    THEY ARE FUCKING! Making sweet 'luuv!
    "Her every word was in italic", she getting totally boned! She starts praying in latin!
    This isn't the first time, she has fucked numerous times "Walls made of broken promises" < that was easy. Peleaaase people!
    He is hoping this won't be more than a fuck, that all this, would be his "he hoped this wouldn't be his"
    And the end she is just arousing him too much, so he comes, with the feeling of doubt. Thinking "This wasn't the right thing to do!" When he said.

    Third stanza:
    It's done, he fucked her and it's over.
    But this stanza actually confuses me. Because either it's her family that comes in and sees what they are doing, and she starts playing all innocent and questioning him. "questions on her tounge"
    And when they are gone she says he shall shut the door when he leaves. And he is still thinking "THIS WAS WRONG.. BUT MAAN! SEX!!"

    But it could also be, that he has been lured to be in a sex movie, and he finds out and feels abit akward about it. And she know what have happend and throws him out.

    There. PEERFECT!
    By the way, i lluuuv! she wants revenge. Their songs of lust and forbidden fruits just makes me very very happy:) It's a nice change for love songs that tells us to be together forever. She Wants Revenge just wants lust and sex.

    My opinion
    Pabston November 26, 2008   Link
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    General CommentAMAZING!!! I'm in love with this band. They could vary well make it to Bright Eyes cult classic status
    rockstrNdisguiseon December 18, 2005   Link
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    General CommentAnyone have any clue what this friggen song is about? I don't. So if you know it...then..tell me? Lol. Hahah. Okay?
    i_failed_preschoolon January 22, 2006   Link
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    General Commentbright eyes sucks in comparison...
    Ron Needlemyeron February 01, 2006   Link
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    General CommentWell isn't the song about some nun? and she's a bad girl and wants to have some fun with this guy... But he doesn't feel it's right.
    Anti-Heroon February 03, 2006   Link
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    General Commentum well actualluy the guy doesnt do anything with the girl in the song becuase at the end it says perhaps he should havr reconsidered when he said....
    "you better lie down girl cuase th angels are watching"
    meaning that he was telling her no
    and it says that maybe he should have reconsidered saying no
    Tastes like a tear3on February 15, 2006   Link

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