"On The Outside" as written by and Danny Elfman....
They laugh at me aloud
They say I'm just a clown
That I ain't got no pride
I'm on the outside
The girls look really cute
They really make it work
They think I'm just a jerk
I'm on the outside
I never could sit still
I never was too hip
I never caught the ride
I'm on the outside

I'm on the outside, I'm on the outside now
This is where it all begins right here
On the outside lookin' in, I'm on the outside

I never was a punk
I never shot junk
I never even tried counter
Culture passed me right by
(I'm on the outside)

Don't talk to debutantes
Don't eat in restaurants
The patrons sit and stare
The waiters make wise cracks behind my back
(I'm on the outside)

Teachers there in school
They flunked me by the rule
They say I had no motivation, brains or dedication
I guess the imbeciles were right I'm on the outside

I'm on the outside, I'm on the outside now
This is where it all begins on the outside looking in
Looking in
At you
I'm just an alien through and through
Tryin' to make believe I'm you
Tryin' to fit
Just a stranger on the outside looking in

The disco makes me sick I
Wear the wrong clothes
I say the wrong things
You know I can't dance
My feet are much too wide (I'm on the outside)

You think you set the trends
You wear your hair just right
Your clothes are out-a-sight
Your house is modern really kitch
You get so macho when you're with your bitch
(I'm on the outside)

I see them go to work
I see them go to sleep
I see them on T.V.
I see them laugh and cry
I'm on the outside. I'm on the outside. I'm on the outside


I'm on the outside. I'm on the outside now
I'm on the outside
I'm on the outside now

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"On the Outside" as written by Danny Elfman

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    General CommentI had heard this song several times before, but last night when I listened to it, my dad and I came to the conclusion that this song was (semi-)autobiographical. It isn't at all far-fetched that someone like Danny Elfman would have trouble "fitting in."
    Sandwich-Mastaon May 06, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis song is the national anthem of the kids who get picked on, who grow up to be bullies bosses
    d9s9123on May 24, 2011   Link
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    General CommentSome of these lines are powerfully synergistic with Fight Club's anti-consumerism, especially the second to last verse (Your house is modern really kitch).

    But other parts of the song address the other side of Fight Club that really interests me - expressed in the movie with the line "I felt like destroying something beautiful". Even though these people are fucking evil, they're the ones who're laughing and enjoying life. And me, the guy who sees the problems with that, is the lonely one.
    ofnothingon January 20, 2014   Link

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