You quench my thirsting soul and you fill my appetite
I give myself to you because you treat me right
Put my trust in the world and the world gets tight
Shift my trust to you it's like a crystal clear night
Expand in all directions get the sections to unite
Hashem's rays fire blaze light my way light of my life
And these days well wait no longer night
reaching for my G-d like skyscrapers in the night
I said I know its hard inside is empty galus (exile) cuts like a knife
Internalize torah vibes bound to feel alright

Whirlwind of praise from below to above
Take flight in the sky got wings like a dove,
Soaring to shamayim (heaven) where the angels call in love
And the glory of Hashem fits like a glove

Hashem rules the world and Israel is his wife
Love you yes my G-d with all my heart my soul and my might
When I feel you by my side yes I'm flying like a kite
You open up my eyes and give me sight
Super energized and everyday I feel you give me life
I seen the ways of the world intoxifying on pride
Young man don't you know drugs impurify your mind
When Israel left mitzrayim four fifths got left behind
If you got no water how you gonna survive
Roots lead you to the well springs so you could stay alive
Pharaoh claimed to be a G-d and claimed to make the Nile
A crocodile could smile and show his teeth
You could see beauty shining externally but that's the story of Greece
Inside America bleeds, Israel won't you get up from your knees
Its just lies in disguise Torah's truth won't you please realize
Given to the humble one on Mt. Sinai


Shma Y'sroel, Hashem Elokainu, Hashem Echad
(Hear Israel, the lord is our G-d, the lord is one)

The world could just crumble to dust its just us it's not two it's just one
The middle road called truth, Torah you sooth my brain bruise
Open up peruse with knowledge of G-d
And move up an arousal from below till the secrets start to ooze
Don't snooze it's pure light the most high wants us alive
What's the proof?
We got life!
Chabad philosophy that's the deepest well-spring
Gaining knowledge of G-d while your gaining money
Fill up yourself with the light of his majesty
In a world of separation that's the only way to be
It's time we leave we won't flee just walk out easily

If you got no water how you gonna survive


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    General Commentthis dude is sick...and this song is even sicker...a must listen!
    tsunamibomb420on December 11, 2005   Link
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    General CommentHis songs are hard to interpet but many contain Jewish stuff and many stories from the bible.
    Anti-Heroon February 17, 2006   Link
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    General Commentyeah this song is really beautiful

    i'm not religious at all but i still think matisyahu is amazing and i love the fact that what he's rapping about doesn't offend me like many other rapper's subjects do
    coldbedroomon May 01, 2006   Link
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    General Commenthe is definitely one of the best artists out today. everyone of his songs is amazing, and this is just one of the many that are instant classics.

    he is a hasidic jew, meaning he is a strict follower of mosaic law, and would be considered orthodox, so he doesn't cut the locks of his hair, and wears the fringe outside his clothes, and also follows the dietary laws stated in the old testament or jewish Bible. all of his songs have some sort of religious meaning behind them, some coming directly out of the torah and telling the stories of the hebrew people through song.

    but yeah, awesome music.
    bryanmv1on September 07, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthis guy is fukn amazing.
    the best reggae out there
    haverbemashberon April 21, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI love Matisyahu, Thank god we have some one in the industry who is aware of the raising consciousness of humanity. In order to create a new world we need more people like him living in the now and in agape love
    br0wn_eyed_maon February 25, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti think this song is about having faith in the only one YAHWEH and that we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven if we have no faith, when we sin we fall from his grace and only YAHWEH can save us
    followerofchriston June 04, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationMatisyahu uses lots of Biblical imagery in his songs, and especially in this one. The way I see it, a lot of it is his personal relationship with god with references to the Bible within the song. For example, he uses the word Hashem, meaning 'the name' in Hebrew in place of the name of G-d and references heavily to the Exodus of the Jews of Egypt, or Mitzrayim as he calls it, meaning Egypt in Hebrew. He also references the Exodus through the story of the Nile, the role of the Pharoah within traditional Egyptology, and the reference to the 'humble one on Mt Sinai'. Within Exodus it is written that Moses had the two tablets of the 10 Commandments bestowed upon him on Mount Sinai in the Sinai peninisula. He also says the Shma, the first prayer in the song 'Shma, Yisraeyael etc' with the translation given. He encourages to find God and reveals it's the Chabad, or the Orthodox Judaism, which is the deepest 'well spring'.
    taffistanion September 02, 2011   Link

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