"Moonlit" as written by and J. Miller J. Kisselburgh....
So this is real, the window sill, it cannot heal.
All the secrets are here now.
All I've known, my cover's blown, the ages shown.
You know that they all fake the hope.

The neon lights, the fade of night, the fear of heights.
The complex and effects start.
Breaking tide to beach the white, and early light.
And the water only from His side.

All alone.
There's whispers of defenses gone.

This is the way, this is the motion.
Let go now.
This is the threat, this is the ocean.
Let go now.

And so it's made, the frozen shade has turned my gaze.
This effect is in motion.
Strength is gone, my breath is on the last is drawn.
You know that it will soon be gone.
Still I wait in today and complicate.
And all time is just frozen.
I see through, was never you, and what you said.
The hope is where His hand has bled.

Just let go.

(Isaiah 6:9,10)

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"Moonlit" as written by J. Miller J. Kisselburgh


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    General Commentok you have to look like REALLY closely and pick apart these lyrics in order to understand them (or, at least I do) but I'll get you started...
    the line that says 'So this is real' in other words should be 'so God is real' and the line that says
    the window sill, it can not heal is aying that drugs, sex, beer...etc can't heal
    and the line that says 'all the secrets are here now...means the secrets to life are here (meaning the Bible)
    and the line "all i've knowen, my covers blowen, the ages showen...states that God knows EVERYTHING about you, your past, present, and future.
    and the line that say 'You know that they all fake the hope...is talking about false prophets and MAYBE the antichrist I'm not sure
    the line that says the the neon lights, the fade of night the fear of heights..I THINK is saying that the neon lights is God the fade of night is saying how God is taking away sins, and the fear of heights I think is saying how like the fear of God i'm not sure.
    and the line that says, the complex and effects start I think is saying that God is cleaning you out
    and the line that says breaking tide to beach the early light..I think is that God is like cleaning out your heart to let Him in. and the line And the water olny from His side is saying like the olny water (stuff) that you should let get on your 'beach' (heart, soul, eyes and ears) is God's word and like light, b/c what happens to a beach when everybody litters, or like they dump oil in the ocean, it turns REALLY nasty and kills the good thing is the ocean.
    ok so I got you throught the first part, you think you're readdy to go on by yourself??? ha ha ha if you find yourself cluless, then just let me know and I'll help you.

    P.S the line that says "let go is talking about letting your sins go.

    P.S.S and the line that says The hope is where His hand has bled means that the hope is at the cross which leads to where Jesus died for your sins, which leads to where Jesus rose again which leads to putting your hope in Jesus and God!!!

    good luck with the rest of the song
    foreverHis888on September 27, 2006   Link
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    General CommentSoul Glow Activator, the lead singer of Family Force 5 (Solomon Olds is his real name) did a remix to this song called "Moonlit (Neon Predator)". It's awesome. You have to hear it.
    Most of Falling Up's songs have a Bible reference to go along with them, and I love how they do that, especially when you don't fully understand what they're talking about.
    The lyrics, as well as the music, are wonderful. I love tihs song...
    LadyCandaceon May 22, 2007   Link
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    My InterpretationI'm almost positive that "ages" should be "aegis" in line 3.

    Aegis means protection or safety, which agrees with the context of that line. They spelled it incorrectly on the cd, leading people to believe it was "ages" or "age is." [they spelled it "agess"]

    Not this is particularly important or anything, several years after the song has come out. :D
    desertdwelleron February 02, 2009   Link
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    General Commenthey Riseupstandtall
    how does the call of God to the prophet Isaiah got to do with this song
    roy007on April 20, 2009   Link
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    Song Meaningthis song is about facing yourself more about facing your fears and letting them go. i think the deadline meaning of this song is letting go of phobias that control your life maybe o.c.d it also sounds like it could be more about agoraphobia.
    thedarkfairytaleson July 28, 2009   Link

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